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I have a videoconference group together, and I'm looking for more players. Just got my hands on Shadowrun: Anarchy and I am AMPED to play it. 25 Years of experience playing and GMing DND (started on 2e) and Cyberpunk 2020. One shots of Marvel Adventures, WEG Star Wars, and some others as well. Iím really tired of dice destroying interesting characters and modifier tables grinding games to a halt. I want stuff to MOVE and flex, and I think this system can provide what I want. If this is something you are genuinely interested in, then join me (or let me join you). Outside Los Angeles... but I suppose that doesnít matter online.

This is awesome! I have had Shadowrun Anarchy for quite some time and just picked it up to re-read it again.  We had originally had a campaign going in SR 6 but left it due to the rules being overwhelmingly and frustratingly incomplete and garbage.  I was planning on running a campaign for my local players but would love to play with you all online, if you have room!

My fiance played a Rigger in our SR 6 game and if you have room for her, it would be awesome.  If we could use one more player besides myself and my fiance, my friend is a massive Shadowrun fan and owns Anarchy.  He would likely join up.  If not though, it is ok.

Are you still out there, Epim00?

I am.

You still looking for a game?


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