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Origins Online, and FREE games on SRM Online!

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WOW! we have six of our GM's signed up to run events for Origins Online! Each of us are running events all weekend spanning both 5th edition classics (Togashi Jack is running the Deadly Competition series from 2015, and I am running the Cerulean Shadows series from 2018)

We also have some goodies in there for people itching to try out 6th edition; Teslan is pumping out 4 events OF HIS OWN CREATION taking place during the UCAS shutdown covered in the 30 Nights sourcebook. He is also running four of the new SRM 2081 missions that are fresh out of the pipeline. Reverend0 is also jumping on the 6th edition bandwagon with three of the new SRM 2081 missions as well!

Last but not least Dre has volunteered to run 6th edition converted versions of the first few missions in Season 9.

So doing the math..... carry the 2.... divide by 0....


Plenty of events for you all to get your game on. Spread the word and lets get some people in these games! The event preview opens on June 5th!

Origins Online event info:

We also have 3 new events for SRMO submitted by Teslan during the month of June. He is running the CMP 2019 Series Kentucky Fried Shadows. remember this is a Neo Tokyo based story arc series, even if it IS in the CAS and you have to follow all appropriate rules for the Neo Tokyo Series.

Just a reminder, JUNE IS FREE!!! We have a limited amount of seats remaining in both our June and July events so if you're interested, sign up quickly! any questions feel free to ask here, or message us on our discord server:

Sign up here:

For those of you wondering about a 6th edition Missions FAQ, it is being worked on. Worst case scenario you retcon your characters after the fact!

Thanks for supporting us!

Will these games still happen, now that GAMA's decided not to run Origins Online?

We are deciding that right now. Expect an announcement here, as well as on the Shadow renters Union, as well as on our discord server today or tomorrow.

With the cancellation of Origins Online, this causes some issues with our schedule, as well as the events we were planning on running.

While normally we would go ahead and just run the events by ourselves, but we were given specific instructions that the new 6th World Edition SRM 2081 missions are off limits at the moment. This does not come as a surprise due to the fact that CDT policy has been in the past that any new SRM's, or CMP's are not allowed to be run aside from at Origins and Gencon until after gencon. At that point they are free game for any CDT agent to run them whenever.

What this means is that our new events that we were planning on offering, are not able to be offered.

So instead we are going to be doing limited events during the weekend that would have been Origins Online: June 19-21st. Originally we were going to run 20+ events, but that number isnt sustainable (GM's have to sleep sometime). So instead we are going to only run select missions.

These are the specifics:

SR 5th Ed:
Cerulean Shadows 1

SR 6th Ed:
Christmas in July - Drek the Halls

UCAS is dark - Looters begon
UCAS is dark - Free matrix rules! - Warlords drool
UCAS is dark - Gerryriggers wanted
UCAS is dark - Jinx and Gremlin to the rescue

SRM 09-01 Started from the Bottom (Converted)
SRM 09-02 Finders Keepers (Converted)
SRM 09-03 Learning Little from Victory (Converted)

SRM 10-01 Deaths Daily Business (Converted)
SRM 10-02 One Stone, Two Birds (Converted)
SRM 10-03 When the Bough Breaks (Converted)

PM-13 Chrysanthemum Down (150+ karma characters please, 5th to 6th conversion guide is here:

As always you will need an appropriate character for whichever setting you are playing in. For the 6th edition games, there is no SRM FAQ out yet, so there are no rule for character creation as of this moment. We will however be enforcing the "all firearms become forbidden/Illegal" for the Neo Tokyo missions (SRM seasons 9 & 10) that have been converted to 6th edition.

The UCAS is Dark series is a group of missions created by one of our gm's for a quick game of SR 6th. If your interested in trying out the system this is your chance!

We also have multiple new misisons up on the site, I am adding to my workload continuing the Cerulean Shadows CMP series well into August, as well as one of our other GM's is running the Deadly Competition series starting in June, and continuing into July. A newcomer to our little GM group, LarryW has jumped into the deep end by running a 2013 CMP series called Dangerous Games set in the California Free State, this series is running through July as well.

Come check them out and join us for a game! The month of June is STILL FREE TO PLAY and we have a TON of events lined up at the moment!

Jahrl Mirkson:
Now for the obligatory question, do the converted SRMs count towards the new season?


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