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Looking for players between Seattle and Tacoma WA


I've never played before. Ive loved the Shadowrun world since I was introduced as a kid to the sega Genesis game. I've been reading the novels one after the other and was wondering if there is anybody who plays between Seattle and Tacoma WA. I'd love to get myself setup with whatever I need and get into playing the tabletop game. Any advice is welcome. Thanks chummers.

I live on the north side of Seattle, and would gladly drive down south of the city for Shadowrun.

Problem is, I don't have a group here in WA. All my SR games the last few years have been with chummers back east via either group video chat (or flying to Ohio for Origins gamefair).

I'm looking to run as the Rigger elf I tried out in last week's 6/24/2020 SRM Online game (6e).

Ping me if you find someone playing who wants +2 runners.
I'll do the same if I find someone that needs players! 🤝

I'm in Tacoma!  I've also not played before, but would dearly love to get a game going!

I live in Bellevue, I'd be down to play a in-person game if it's somewhere within a half-hour radius (ex: Renton). No experience playing shadowrun before but I've played a variety of other tabletop games.

Hey Calsem,
You are resurrecting an old post.  The previous 3 posts are from nearly 2 years ago.  That being said, I am interested in a group.  I am happy to GM.  All of my experience is with 5E but I have looked into 6E if a group would rather play that.  I live in Tacoma but it could be reasonable to meet up at a half way point if we can come up with a group of 4-6.  Is anybody interested?


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