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Hello there!
So my kids and I are looking to play Shadowrun at Origins this year.  "Back in the day", I had a good collection of 2nd Edition books that I read the heck out of, but could never find anyone to play with.  The past couple of years we  signed up to do a "First Taste" event because my older daughter was keenly interested (as was I) but my youngest was just kind of "meh".  Well, this year they're both on board for getting into a proper game and have asked me to sign us up for a character creation workshop and a regular game.  I'm looking for some guidance in navigating the Shadowrun convention scene.  Our previous experience with RPG's at conventions has primarily been with D&D Adventurers league (I've even run AL games at GenCon) but I'm not sure where to begin with Shadowrun.  It looks like the Adventurers League equivalent is Shadowrun Missions?  It also looks like there is some uncertainty regarding whether or not these adventures will be 5E or 6E? 

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Shadowrun Missions is the Shadowrun equivalent to D&D's Adventurer's League.  If you're familiar with that, you'll "get" SRM :)

Missions are all pre-scripted adventures and at Origins they will be run by CGL's Demo staff. A SRM is scheduled to be a complete, one-shot adventure designed to fit within a 4 hour block of time.  They are organized into "Seasons" of individual missions more or less linked together by plot, but they don't need to be played in order.  Seasons are linked together to tell a campaign story and potentially have implications on the canon storyline.  For example, SRM players decided the fate of Chicago by their actions (in aggregate, over many tables)!

As for the 2020 convention season, I'm pretty sure it should be well understood that they'll be played in 6we. CGL isn't going to keep publishing 5e SRMs any more than WoTC is going to make Adventurer's League adventures written for D&D 4th edition :D

1st the easy answer ... all official SR Missions use the current rule set without question. That means the new season which debuts st Origins (every year btw) will be 6e.

Build-A-Runner will be your  character building session if you want it need help. Not a requirement however, since you can build your own or use a pregen.

CMP = are convention mission packs, they use the same rules as the living campaign but are stand alone story arcs that are in 4 part series.

SRM = Shadowrun Missions, these are your standard living campaign missions. This new season is a reboot and the first one to use 6e so a good place to jump in as a newbie.

All missions (SRM and CMP) can be played in any order but you would get the most out of the storyline by playing them in order. For example SRM 10-01 is number one in the series while SRM 10-03 is number 3. 10 being the season ID while the last two number are the mission ID

Awesome!  Thanks for the info.  I like the idea of the build a runner workshop so I'll probably try to schedule that early in the trip and then look for the other missions.  I'll probably pick up the core book as well, and we'll sit down and have a go at making our own characters so we at least have a passing idea of the process.  Maybe even try running a short game or something.

First, always great to see someone else getting their kids into SR!  I’d introduced my son to a different game, but when he found my old 2nd edition SR books he immediately asked if we could switch to ShadowRun.

And now a couple of extra documents you should be aware of, beyond the Core Rule Book (CRB).  Be aware that the first printing of the 6th CRB had a lot of editing lapses.  There was ~4 pages of ‘hot fix errata’ released when the book came out, and a more extensive errata document is supposed to be coming out within the month.  If you get the pdf it has the hot fix errata included already, and hopefully will get updated with future errata releases (but no promises).  If you decide to buy the hard copy book, do make sure to get the errata document.

Also, Missions generally have some Missions specific guidelines and rules (for example, some negative qualities just can’t be dealt with properly in the context of one shot missions and may not be allowed).  I don’t recall that document coming out for 6th edition yet, but it would be something to keep an eye out for if you want to start building characters before the workshop.

Have fun!


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