Guns: Rework

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I was inclined to rework the guns of SR Anarchy. They feel pretty "bland" out of the box. While original SR had a crazy ammount of options (too many, in fact), Anarchy went the other extreme. All in all, I tried to answer the question "Why pick weapon A instead of B", while also keeping some fun reason/mechanics in the choice. Therefore, I attached some perks to each weapon, making it more or less attractive to certain situations. Granted, these are all common sense and could easily be roleplayed without any add-ons, but I like it to be straightforward; after all, not all my players have any familiarity with guns (or illegal covert military operations, for that matter)

This is what I came up with.
I would love the feedback of fellow Anarchy players.

Light Pistols
-Quick and Dirty: Its simple mechanisms and comparatively light frame allow them to be quickly readied and used, allowing for agile maneuvers.
System:During shootout scenes, characters using exclusively Light Pistol(s) gain 1 Plot Point (or 1 extra Initiative Die, if alternate rules are in use). If the character switches to a different kind of gun, unequips the Light Pistol somehow, or the scene ends, that Plot Point is also gone until a new combat scene.

-Above Suspicion: Light Pistols may be assumed a "personal security item", being overlooked by beat cops or street security. They're easily available, while licenses are cheaper and less bureaucratic. Some refer to it as "executive pistols" for a reason.

Heavy Pistols
-Pack a Punch: The heavy impact of these pistols may throw targets off-balance and/or miscalibrate targeting systems, making it difficult for them to react properly.
System: Targets of a successful heavy pistol shot must roll Strenght and get as many hits as the shooter; otherwise they will be "Impacted" and suffer -2 dice during their next Narration. This penalty is not cumulative as result of multiple shots. Target may instead trip, fall prone or stumble some steps back (GM Discretion).

*OBS: Im not completely happy with this system and would love to hear alternatives.

Auto Pistols
-Short Burst: A quick sequence of bullets that may hit multiple targets, but is harder to control.
System: A character may choose to use Short Burst instead of a regular shot. They remove 2 die from their Dice Pool and the weapon also deals 2 less Damage than usual. The attack is rolled as normal, and may apply the roll to 2 different targets (either Close or Near from each other). Each target rolls defense separately. After a burst, the gun enters a cooldown period.

Submachine Guns & Assault Rifles[/u]
Full Auto: A character may choose to use Full Auto instead of a regular shot. They remove 3 die from their Dice Pool and the weapon also deals 3 less Damage than usual. The attack is rolled as normal, and may apply the roll to 3 different targets (either Close or Near from each other). Each target rolls defense separately. After a burst, the gun enters a cooldown period.

Sniper Rifles
Deadly Aim: Each turn a player spends aiming at their target gives them one extra die for the attack.

May split damage between 2 near targets, with a -2 penalty to the attack roll (RAW)

Please shoot away your critiques.
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For light pistols, I largely use the Above Suspicion approach. Light pistols either aren't found by security, or are ignored, except for high security areas.

For heavy pistols, I wouldn't want to do the extra rolling. You might be able to make an interesting system of staggering the target and/or knockdown. Say, if the heavy pistol does more damage to the condition monitor (not armor) than the target's Body, then the target loses their next movement (or 1 movement if they have multiple movements), but not their next action). That's a simple comparison that saves some dice.

For auto/machine pistols, it seems okay. The options are doing 6P to one target vs. 4P to two targets (so 8P total), but with a greater chance to miss / fewer net hits. Seems roughly balanced as a risk/reward proposition. That said, does "cooldown" mean they can't use the weapon at all the next turn, or just that they can't use the multi-target attack twice in a row?

Same for SMGs. 6P to one target vs. 3P to three targets (so 9P total). Again, reasonably balanced.

Assault rifles are starting to get powerful, as you have 8P to one vs. 5P to three (15P total). In the hands of a good shooter who isn't going to miss, that's a significant improvement in damage output. Whether that's good (getting rid of mooks faster) or bad is up to your table.

For sniper rifles, I think "Deadly Aim" is too dependent on an abstract "turn", especially in a narrative / passing the microphone system. What about a "Lining up the shot" option? For a plot point, a shooter in an ambush situation (i.e. when they have time to aim) can roll twice and take the better result.


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« Reply #2 on: <07-16-19/0717:21> »
Oops! Sorry it took me so long to reply! I did it on my phone and probably was out of internet at the time. Let me go back to it.

I do agree with most of your points, Tecumseh.

I'm considering the "remove a movement" or "force a movement to CLOSE" as an impact effect for Heavy Pistols. It could do wonders against covered target for example. But I think the target's STR should have some say on it. That said: you mentioned target's BOD. Is it even a thing in Anarchy?

The idea with rifles works for me that way. It is a mook sweeper, which IMO balances with it having an "opposite Above Suspicion": it is bigger, impossible to go unnoticed, a hinderance in stealth missions, and so on.

As for the Cooldown Effect - I thought it would leave the GUN on cooldown. Adjust aim, switch clips,etc.
Do you think itīs too much? I think leaving only the "power" in CD would make it too easy to use.

Actual Machineguns maybe could do the same Burst of Rifles, but twice before CD. What you think?

Now, my biggest grip with this system I came up with is: what about melee? I'm afraid melee gets too unnatractive if this sytem is implemented. Maybe I should come up with something for melee attacks as well. I'm thinking along the lines of adding extra dice for reduced damage or reducing dice for extra damage (a la DnD "Power Attack"), and so on.


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« Reply #3 on: <07-16-19/0950:46> »
Oops, slip of the tongue on BOD vs. STR. I meant Strength but old habits die hard. (For the record, consolidating the two is one of my favorite things in Anarchy.)

As for melee, I'd be inclined to implement a similar system as Heavy Pistols. To wit, if you do more damage that the target's Strength then they suffer knockdown and lose their next movement (or, more accurately, have to spend their next movement getting up).

As for cooldown, I'm not sure it's necessary unless you want it there for narrative purposes. As stated, I don't think any of the maneuvers are overpowered, so cooldown doesn't seem needed to balance things out. If you do want cooldown, put the special attack on cooldown but not the weapon itself.