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My copy arrived yesterday and I like it. The majority of the artwork is new, at least as far as I can tell. The cards are really useful to GM's that dont have the time or desire to create tons of npcs. For myself, I plan to use the statblocks only and slot them into my GM screen to have a quick reference for prime runners, gangers, etc. I'm going to use the stats and apply them to my own npcs, new history, profession, etc. The deck also has larger reference cards which show the stats of guns, vehicles, etc, so you won't need to constantly write those stats down.

Michael Chandra:
I'm guessing most, if not all, of the Rogue Gallery images are from the Rogue Gallery and Staff levels of Sprawl Ops backing, of which a few were used in material already. That would help with them being fresh and all that.

I also really like the sound of the stat blocks and all, and am really bummed they didn't have any to sell at Spiel.

Out of curiosity, how many of the cards are in this list?

I counted 85 pictures on the kickstarter and there is 50 character cards in the deck, including one I feel you may be particularly fond of. *wink*

Michael Chandra:
With that many cards, it makes sense they didn't just use the Rogues and Staff-and-such, but also a bunch of the Veteran Runners. 8) Out of curiosity: Do they use the same names as the Sprawl Ops cards have?

I'm not sure about the names but I assume they are the same. There are 3 legendary cards,[5 elite, 15 veteran, and 27 street. Overall the power level of the characters is fairly high.


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