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SRM 05-04 Liberation payment amount


Last month I started a Shadowrun Missions campaign in friendly local game stores here in the Seattle Area. I'm using the only SRM adventures I could purchase, so they start in Chicago season 5. My players like these adventures and are having a great time.

Question on rewards for SRM 05-04 Liberation:

Reading page 7 I calculate that the pay offered to the TEAM for success is 10,000 plus 1000 per net hit on a Negotiations test (max 4 ). Half up front.

Reading page 18 I calculate that the pay (to the Team or Individual, not specified) for success is 10,000 plus 500 per net hit on Negotiations (max 8 ).

I'm getting used to handling little inconsistencies, but it seems wrong for the pay to be divided amongst all the team members as directed by page 7.

How is this normally played? Should this pay be 'each' instead of 'team'?

Michael Chandra:
That kind of reward money would be to each individual player. In fact, it is rare to find rewards that are for the entire team in SRMs, so normally those are explicitly marked (e.g. a bounty for a Wendigo).


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