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I’d been uncertain, but I’m committing to fit this game in.

Tipperman is a ‘former company man’ now trying to kill his memories (and body) with drugs and radiation in Glow City.  Damned dwarven constitution is making that a slow process, and in the meantime life keeps pulling him back into the shadows.  He’s just adopted another lost soul and needs money to get them back on their feet, so he’s taking work again (and this has focused him to more than typical lucidity).

Quite a few years of such hooding type activities since his retirement have led him to develop a network of contacts who look out for him, despite or maybe because of his sometimes wavering lucidity and obsession with how metahumanity just tips all their rubbish somewhere out of the way and expects it not to cause problems in the future.

“They disposed of me with the rest of the rubbish
Another broken tool, tipped into the barrens
To rot, to fester, hopefully to disappear.
But rubbish doesn’t disappear,
It just becomes tomorrow’s problem.
Welcome to tomorrow.”

“I just want to forget my stress
While my cells fluoresce
But rubbish keeps getting tipped.
So my gun is here and so is yours
With us along to carry them around.
We could start exchanging macho rounds
Letting the light into our mortal coils.
But would anyone clean up after?
Those bullets, these shells --
Littering the ground and the AR.
If they do get picked up here
They’ll get tipped somewhere else
Someone else’s problem
Someone else’s poison
Some other day’s slow death.
I don’t care much if we both live
But maybe you can see wisdom
And agree to solve this without bullets.”

All right, Decker and Face threads updated with background info, knowledge skills, and contacts.

Again, I'm happy to play either, but leaning towards decker if possible. Will figure out how to create the Obsidian account later today.

EM has confirmed he wants to try a physad or sam so ZeroSum, that decker slot is all yours :)


--- Quote from: Aria on ---EM has confirmed he wants to try a physad or sam so ZeroSum, that decker slot is all yours :)

--- End quote ---
Awesome. Deck The Planet!

Question: do we spend points for Feathers Loyalty? You noted that we get them as a contact at C6; does that include L1 or should we pay for a level of our own choosing there?

Yes, L1 for free, you can buy that up to your Charisma rtg


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