Players Looking for Play by Post (looking for GM)

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« on: <02-20-20/2037:44> »
I wanna play a PBP game. My character idea is flexible, but basically, I wanna play a sexy rage-metal male human. If magic is not in your game, then my character is going to be interested in it and studying it. He is gonna be tech-heavy (or technomancer heavy) and charismatic. Physical combat is not super great, but he enjoys smashing things with a sledge hammer (but not a professional melee expert). He is definitely going to have some hacking prowess. Necromancer style sprites and persona. I can reliably post every other day, if not more.

Gms, name your favorite edition, and magic/resonance preferences and parameters.
Players, talk about your character a bit to gain GM interest in running a new game.
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