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Deleting Account


If i could i would delete this account. Moderation knows why. Instead i wont use it anymore.

I hate to see you go, especially since you've only received a warning on the discussion. You were not the only one warned there, so I'm thinking it may be a bit extreme to delete your account.

Theres a scene in the movie "13th warrior" describing what made me mad:

"You dig like dog."
"Did you just call me a dog?"
"I said you dig like one, flinging earth carelessly like an animal."
"So now I'm an animal?"

So thats someone provoking by giving false colours to what was written. (or in the case of the movie said)
And this happened quite a few times in this forum since i am reading. But neverwind i try to be even more polite now ...


I just wanted to share this with you  ;)

That bassline is so sick


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