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CMP 2019-08 LOX, Locks, & Lochs


Planning to run this one sometime in the near future.

Skimming thru it, it seems pretty combat heavy (well, compared to the Neo-Tokyo missions, at least).

Wondering if anyone has already prepped a deckplan/map of the Acorn.
  (I'd rather not build one if there's already an available resourse.

Here's what I made, using excel.

Not as much detail as I'd prefer, & the railings around the deck & superstructure will have to be imagined.

Hope it proves useful to the other folks who eventually run this.

Played with the Acorn design a bit - I like this one better.

Is this one publicly available now, or are you guys using demo agent copies? 

(I went looking in Drivethrurpg without any luck)

Our local Agent has been running a ton of stuff for us, so I offered to run a CMP for him.

This was the series he said he wanted to play & dropped the CMPs in my hands.


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