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Why in the hell do I have to wait 30 between searches.  It is so annoying.  So annoying that I sometimes switch from searching on my phone to playing a game and forget what I was searching for or just forget that I was searching at all.  So many times I'm searching for stuff about 6th edition, which admittedly does not have a whole lot of post since its main book has only released at cons and through beginner's box.  I turn up nothing with my seach and have to wait an eternity to search again.  Please explain it to me. And also what's with having to take a quiz each time I post.  Please tell me that goes away after I post X amount of times

30 seconds is the wait time because if we set it to 0 or 5 seconds, spammers could then flood the search with requests and then the forums would go down.

You only have to answer the questions for five posts, then they won't prompt you again. This is to keep spammers working hard to get on the boards, which they still do anyway because computers are smart.

On the bright side, you now are at 6 posts! Congratulations! You're obviously not a spammer!

Hey no more quiz.  So that's nice. I guess I understand about the 30 sec wait.  I am going to keep just asking my questions on yahoo, safari and google then.  That 30 sec is a deal breaker.  Sometimes it leads me here and sometimes I go to reddit, fandom, or wiki

If you want to use google, you can search the site by typing in your search terms and adding "site:" after it. Google will then search just the forums for what you're looking for.


samurai site:


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