[SR6] Spells & Rituals, Magic and Aspected Magicians

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During character generation 1 point of unadjusted magic from the Magic or Resonance priority seem to give an Aspected Magician 2 free Spells or Rituals.

p. 66
"Sorcerers select a number of free spells or rituals equal to their Magic x 2—as before, the rating used is the Magic in the Priority table, not as altered with any points, Karma, or adjustments."

In this edition Aspected Magicians can also seem to be able to use Astral Projection (thank you).

p. 42
"A character capable of Astral Projection (full magician or aspected magician) may shift their consciousness to or from the astral plane as a Major Action."

However, unlike Full Magicians and Mystic Adepts, an Aspected Magician need to choose between Sorcery, Conjuring and Enchanting.

p. 65
"Aspected magicians are only able to utilize one of the three aspects of magic: spellcasting (Sorcery), summoning (Conjuring), or enchanting (Enchanting)."

As compensation an Aspected Sorcerer gain +1 Magic Rating from the same priority level Magic or Resonance compared to a a Full Magician.

This mean an Aspected Sorcerer would start out with 2 more free Spells or Rituals ('worth' 10 karma, but there might also be value in having access to a maximum of 10 spells out of chargen rather than maximum 8 ) as well as the equivalence of one extra adjustment attribute point (which could be 'worth' another 10-45 karma depending on where you use it and which metatype you are playing).

The question you need to ask yourself is if 20-55 karma is worth it to never have the option to summon or banish spirits, create preparations or foci, assensing artifacts, deactivating or breaking down a focus or weakening or disjoining a magic preparation.

Short term this might look as a fair trade-off, but I think this will depend heavy on how efficient Summon will turn out in this edition. And long term the karma advantage will have diminished importance.

So that was the sorcery side of being an Aspected Magician. But what does Magic or Resonance priority do for an Aspected Magician that is not a Sorcerer. An Aspected Magician that focus on Conjuring or Enchanting...?

Nothing, as it turns out. Wtf....?! :-/

No preparations. No bound spirits. No nothing.

It only provide you with magic rating at a cost of 1 magic rating per priority rank. If you go Aspected Magician but not Sorcerer you should never pick more than Magic or Resonance priority D since you get x3 to x5 as much adjustment points from Metatype priority.

And not only that, I'd say that even if you initially plan on only using Conjuring or only use Enchanting (together with Astral Projection and Astral Perception) you should probably consider going Full Magician with Magic or Resonance priority D and just compensate the lower Magic Rating with adjustment points from Metatype priority C. If we assume that you go for magic rating 6 you will still have 4 adjustment points (rather than 5), but you will also have two free spells or rituals that might become useful if you ever decide to pick up the Sorcery skill later on - and you also have the option to pick up the third skill (Sorcery, Conjuring, Enchanting) later if you wish.

I really think Aspected Conjurers and Enchanters should get something extra from their Magic they get from the Magic or Resonance priority to match them with Aspected Sorcerers (perhaps already summoned spirits with a total force equal to twice the magic rating from the Magic or Resonance priority or a focus with a force equal to the magic rating from the Magic or Resonance priority...).
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