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There are three upcoming conventions in the Denver area - Tacticon (Labor Day weekend), B-Con (Sept 26-29), and HexaCon (January 2020).  GenghisCon normally runs in February, but I can't find anything on it as of now.  Is there any Shadowrun gaming currently scheduled for any of these cons?

The silence appears to have answered my question...

There may be. I know that the Demo team's lagging a bit from GenCon. I don't have any info, but if you reach out to them on the book of Faces (Catalyst Demo Team), they might be able to tell you more.

Unfortunately, I donít have a Facebook account, and the groupís content is not visible to the public.

Message Mike Messmer (Fade on here) or send an email to .. he is the Shadowrun lead for the CDT and lives near Denver. I know he at least attends Tacticon ... none of those cons will have any official catalyst support but there still might be something going in regards to SR specifically


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