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--- Quote from: ZeroSum on ---I've done a cursory search of this site and a quick google search, and I haven't been able to find a compiled list of the new errata. Has this been released yet and my google-fu is just weak, or are we still waiting for this?

As I have a physical copy of the GenCon book and not a digital one, I unfortunately do not have access to the updated digital file.

--- End quote ---
Zerosum, you bought this at GenCon itself, right?  I would contact Catalyst and ask them about the PDF.  They handed out little cards at the booth that had the way to get the PDF on it, you would have received one you just might not have known what it was.  I mean, it can't hurt?  Especially if you can provide a receipt or something to show you bought it there.

In a revised edition 1-20 CRB, there are some inaccuracies, among others.
The use of strength as a modifier for AR is solved in another thread. But in the example, a bike chain that has an AR 5 of CRB is used(p.250).
In Rigger section the calculation of Ford America speed in the example is either 34 or 43 (25+9 or 25+9+9), depending on how many rounds the acceleration is calculated. Not 44.

Has an errata document been released for the January errat?

It seems that the document was released after all.

Michael Chandra:
There's just 6 fixes missing from the February file as far as I could tell from my diff-notes, and a few places where they made clear they were trying to fix things, but accidentally didn't fix it all. There's also a few items in the February file that aren't in the January PDF. I covered them all here:


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