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Based on the official CGL answer here:

P. 183 Reconfigure Matrix Attribute
Swap the base ratings of two non-zero attributes of your Matrix Persona, even if the numbers are rooted in different devices.

Should likely include something like :"Cannot swap base ratings for living persona" or "For living persona this action moves bonus points instead of swapping base ratings" or "This only works for Personas that are rooted in devices"

P. 189 The Living Persona
Bonus points can be moved between two attributes with a Reconfigure Matrix Attribute action.

Should likely clarify "Reconfigure Matrix Attribute action cannot swap base ratings of the Living person"

At least the restriction on how a Living Persona cannot swap base attributes should be added into one of the above location or a FAQ.
Maybe the matrix action should also be considered in relation to other entities that have personas not rooted in physical devices but able to use Matrix Actions.


[pg 290] External Clip Port - has a table entry, but does not appear to have any description or game mechanics. Does it increase a cyber implant firearm's ammunition capacity like previous editions?



[pg 272] Linguasofts - "Language Expert" is repeated twice for both Rating 3 and Rating 4.

[p 342-344 Berlin Edition] The Kuznechik Airbike and Ruhrmetall Selket Crowd Control Walker do not have a stated drone size category.

Is the Airbike even a drone? It is stated to be MADE from a drone, but there's not supposed to be seating on drones in 6E.


Per Pegasus' Berlin 2080: link

The Airbike is a Medium Drone "Flying Bike".

The Crowd Control Walker isn't a drone, it's a vehicle, probably in the truck category.


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