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New Expansion in the horizon!


Catalyst Game Labs teased a new expansion for Crossfire in their Instagram.
It apparently will bring Technomancers to the table (as a blue/green class) and a good load of new missions.

My question is: will it be compatible with the original box? Or only with Prime Runner?

This is welcome news! My guess is that it would be compatible with the current edition. I know that there are conversion guides to bring the original up to date...guessing you could use those to “backdate” if you really wanted to.

It is hard to imagine what cards they will add to support Green-Blue because those were the 'greedy carry' colors. Though the Red-Blue synergy worked pretty well, that mostly came off the back of the Face already splashing the support spells half the time and the fact that weirdly face cards benefit from you having fewer red cards quite a lot of the time (though they added some nice cards that actually reward Skill cards in High Caliber Ops), so the Social Adept just was a natural replacement for the face. And the rigger didn't work well at all, hacking is, again, notoriously greedy and while many of the hacking-Combat cards were good none rewarded you that much for having both hacking and combat.

I suspect that Technos will bring weird combo cards. Blue and Green both had this (Green loved to recur things, blue liked to play big spikes of damage, so big spikes of damage that require finaggling your deck feels appropriate and weird) and any hypothetical resonance card that helps your consistency would also be playable with the 'base' roles, which is important.

It is also interesting to think about what the hypothetical Black-Red role would be. Infiltrator perhaps? Assassin? Faces often grabbed Samurai cards (And vice versa to a lesser extent, a pleasing symmetry to the tabletop) and faces have native support for going 'off color' anyway, but the main overlap between Black and Red is healing and damage negation, so... combat medic maybe? It is pretty easy to imagine the mechanics and some of the thematic for black-red, though not for the entire class: Taunting, 'grace under fire' healing, rallying teammates to draw cards (though that all intrudes a bit on Heart of the Team). Maybe Black-Red will focus on Red's economic aspects? A bounty hunter perhaps? That would fit both facework and killing folks, and cards that increase teamwide cashflow while also hurting the enemy would be extremely welcome in Crossfire, as the glacial pace of deckbuilding is what made so many of my friends bounce off it.

My main hope is for them not to print cards that have their low cash payout as an element of how powerful they are. Yes, technically a hard enemy that is just like a normal enemy but pays basically nothing makes the game harder, but deckbuilders aren't good when you aren't able to actually build the deck, and its so weird the average normal card is harder to kill but better paying than the average hard card because the hard cards mostly exist to choke your economy till you tap out.

The above comment is spot on regarding enemies in which difficulty is translated into getting little to no nuyen. Well said. I also wish we had more "discard when flipped" obstacles, so that Chill could be at all good (yes, my group made the mistake of picking that trap of an improvement.

I can see what they were going for, because making the cash go up (which is what they should have done, because you really mostly care about time to kill vs cash to make the pace feel good on getting cards) when hard cards comes out kinda rewards the decker and mage for slowrolling if you can absorb hits, as once they get their combos up they just oneshot stuff.

The issue is if you fail to kill the first wave fast (Which is basically out of your control) or the early market doesn't have good offensive early game cards, you just get choked out economically which is a really not fun way to lose.

Green-Blue is gunna be weird, but Red-black is going to be a power combo which will probably help the two 'selfless' archetypes really get some fun stuff, and hopefully add more econ. On further thought another thematic role for that combo could be 'smuggler' which would also have economic cards, and this game mostly just needs the rate you add cards to your deck to go up to really be great. It stinks that for most of a deckbuilder you are stuck with the generic cards and 1-2 extra and you never actually even get more than half your cards to be special unless your a decker who got weirdly lucky with all their cheap recursion cards out. Draw engines would also be nice.


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