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Michael Chandra:
People have nuyen under their names, and as far as I can gather they're related to post-count. So how come I only got the one?_?

Shinobi Killfist:
People have nuyen under their names?  Either Iím blind or or doesnít show up on phones.

The formatting for mobile devices doesn't show the nuyen post count. (Image attached).

Thanks for bringing it up Chandra. I just did some updating of the Nuyens, so you should have 3 Green now. All the yellow Nuyen symbols are based on Post Count(below). All other symbols are assigned based on Membergroups. Since Chandra is part of the Demo Team, it was showing 1 Yellow (I updated the group to 3 Green).
TypePostsSymbolsCivilians0NoneNewb11Chummer1002Omae2503Ace Runner10004Prime Runner  2500  5Mr. Johnson????

Michael Chandra:
I'm green, dabadeedabaday.

Always wondered what the scaling criteria was - thanks for the info FJ.


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