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Gen Con 2019

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No idea where to put this. Doesnt seem to go in the main forum so I will put it here. Mods move if you need to.

Who here is going to be at Gencon this year. Would like to put faces to some of the names of the people we all talk to all day.

A little meet and greet would be cool, maybe even roll some dice.

Post if your interested.

Trevor L.

I know good-guy Rusty has his annual Wednesday night Meet-n-Greet set up again. If you want to join in, there's even a GenCon event listing for it: Shadowrun Meet-n-Greet.

i will be at GenCon, hope to see you all there.

I will be there ... not getting in until late Thursday though but will be in the SR room running Missions during the day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ... always willing to talk to people

Not getting till Thurday AM, but I will look into the event. Will be certain to stop by the missions room. I'm bringing some newbies to Gencon so I want to show them a lot and I didn't think I could fit a SR Mission in this year.


Trevor L.


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