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2070-2075 corporate plots?

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What big corporate plots were going on between 2070 and 2075? I'm mostly interested in the Seattle area, but global plots can have local effects, and it's certainly fine if it connects to other places in North America. Any books I should check out for more details?

I believe there's something up with Ares and bugs, right? I know practically nothing about it. Is that already taking place before 2075, or is that later?

The whole CFD thing is mostly after 2075, and I'm aware of the Boston Lockdown and problems with NeoNET and Evo, but when did this start? Did Storm Front kick it off? It plays some role in Splintered State which I intend to run at some point in the future, and I think it'd be cool if my players have already come across a few other vague hints related to this.

Of course this is the period and location of the Ork Underground and Brackhaven plots (and I'm basing the start of my campaign around the season 4 missions), but are there are corporations involved in that? I know some corporations really want to keep Brackhaven around, while others oppose him. Can someone give me a rundown on that?

Aztechnology is of course involved in the war in South America. Would that have any impact in North America?

Any other corporate plots I should be aware of? What are Mitsuhama, Shiawasa, S-K and the others up to at this time?

This question comes inspired by reading Blood in the Boardroom, about the breakup of Fuchi and tons of other corporate shenanigans, and I would love to run that, but it's too far in the past, so I'm looking for inspiration to do something similar in the 2072-2075 period.

Edit: I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I wrote this. When I want to know more about corporations in this time period, obviously I should buy Corporate Guide and Corporate Intrigue rather than Bloody Business and Market Panic. I bet there's plenty of plots and intrigue there.

FWIW, 2076 Olympics were in Seattle.  I don't know if any books covered it but there were bound to be low level corp shenanigans going on, between building facilities and recruiting top athletes.

Below are all the books as they were published in-universe from 2070 through 2075. In particular, take note of the Artifacts Unbound, The Clutch of Dragons, Conspiracy Theories, Corporate Guide, Corporate Intrigue, Spy Games, Storm Front, The Twilight Horizon, Vice, and War!.

BookIn-Universe DateGun H(e)aven 3December 19, 2075CoyotesNovember 30, 2075*The Assassin's PrimerNovember 11, 2075Parazoology 2August 3, 207510 MercsJune 15, 2075*Rigger 4April 1, 2075Euro War AntiquesFebruary 20, 2075Storm FrontJanuary 18, 2075The Way of the SamuraiJanuary 12, 2075Sim Dreams & NightmaresDecember 27, 2074Montreal 2074December 13, 2074ParageologyNovember 23, 2074Dirty TricksNovember 2, 2074The Land of PromiseSeptember 11, 2074MilSpecTech 2July 27, 2074The Clutch of DragonsJuly 20, 2074Magical SocietiesMay 28, 2074Gun H(e)aven 2May 10, 2074Hazard PayApril 28, 2074*Street Legends: Home EditionApril 1, 2074ParabotanyMarch 21, 2074The Twilight HorizonMarch 6, 2074Used Car LotFebruary 28, 2074SafehousesFebruary 28, 2074Jet SetFebruary 7, 2074Street Legends SupplementalDecember 21, 2073State of the Art: 2073December 14, 2073Corporate IntrigueDecember 13, 2073Conspiracy TheoriesOctober 26, 2073Artifacts UnboundSeptember 2, 2073Street LegendsAugust 14, 2073Deadly WavesJuly 23, 2073Runner's Black BookJuly 23, 2073Gun H(e)avenJune 15, 2073Spy GamesMay 19, 2073AttitudeMarch 21, 2073MilSpecTechFebruary 20, 2073War!February 6, 2073*Sixth World AlmanacNovember 10, 2072The Rotten Apple: ManhattanOctober 4, 2072Unfriendly SkiesSeptember 19, 2072The Way of the AdeptAugust 30, 2072This Old DroneJuly 30, 2072Running WildJuly 3, 207210 JackpointersMarch 5, 2072ViceFebruary 28, 2072*Corporate GuideJanuary 1, 2072*Seattle 2072January 1, 2072Ghost CartelsNovember 27, 2071Feral CitiesOctober 13, 2071Runner's CompanionJuly 15, 2071UnwiredMay 9, 2071ArsenalApril 20, 2071Corporate EnclavesFebruary 17, 2071*10 GangsJanuary 1, 2071AugmentationAugust 20, 2070EmergenceAugust 7, 2070Street MagicApril 11, 2070Runner HavensFebruary 3, 2070


--- Quote from: FastJack on ---Below are all the books as they were published in-universe from 2070 through 2075. In particular, take note of the Artifacts Unbound, The Clutch of Dragons, Conspiracy Theories, Corporate Guide, Corporate Intrigue, Spy Games, Storm Front, The Twilight Horizon, Vice, and War!.

--- End quote ---
Thanks! But Clutch of Dragons? I have that one, and I don't remember there being much about corporate plots or corporations, except for the ones related to Lofwyr and Aztlan.

I would imagine Corporate Guide and Corporate Intrigue to be the primary books about to corporate plot lines. I know Catalyst has a tendency to spread these plots thinly through many books, but I'm not going to buy all of these. Which ones, apart from Corporate Guide/Intrigue, would be the most relevant? Is there a place where I can find a rundown of which of these books deal with which aspects of the metaplot?

Hoo boy, there is a lot to unpack there. That's, like, 8 years of stuff.

But I'll try to do some small cuts here.

There have been a few plotlines spiraling around here. The first is the massive infighting between the assorted powers in Ares, with Nadja Daviar, Damien Knight, Auerelias (I can never spell that one!) and Arthur Vogel all having an agenda and wanting to pull the corp in one direction or another. They've been hiring Shadowrunners against one another for nearly a decade now, undercutting one another, moving pieces around, dropping stock values here to buy up things in their personal profile, and so on this is made more complicated by all four having assorted powers behind them that have THEIR own agendas and use the big four as proxies to get it.

Second is the bug problem. No one knows how badly the infiltration is (yet) but the paranoia from it has been *massive* and accusing one person or another of being a bug has been a way to remove rivals. The paranoia's kept workers from working together, shattered comraderie, and in general turned the corporation from a well-oiled machine with a great spirit de corps to a giant pile of individuals who won't trust anyone else. The actual damage that the bugs have inflicted has been pretty minor but fear of more has been devastating.

Thirdly is the ongoing rift with the UCAS, the #1 customer for Ares. President Colloton has had issues with Ares since back when she was 'just' a general and carried that with her. Over her terms in office, she's tried to do battle with the Pentagon (who are pretty much all paid for by Ares) and cut contracts for other suppliers, but the inertia inside the DOD is massive and it's been a huge battle for her. That Ares has a powerful political arm and PR machine hasn't helped.

Lastly is Ares losing market share all over. Once *the* dominant space corp, S-K and Evo have swooped in and snagged gobs of contracts, the Space Elevator's up and running, as is the Kilimanjaro Mass Driver, giving people far more lift options than before. Arms manufacturers have stepped up in the wake of Ares' Excaliber debacle and grabbed market share, with Aztechnology reaping the lion's share of that. The struggle with UCAS has hurt sales and other corps have moved in as well. With so much PR being tied up in damage control, the media side hasn't been able to really promote new products and, in general, they've had a financial slide across the board.

(I'll do these one at a time, Ithink. Make life easier.)


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