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top scroll missing.

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Hey guys,

I seem to be having an issue, the top scroll, where you can send private messages, and what not is missing for me on my desktop while using Chrome....
any ideas what is up? I am assuming its just me, as my phone still has those options...

And its only Chrome, changed over to Firefox, and it's back.. shame I don't like Firefox :(

Michael Chandra:
Strangest thing is that I don't see that thing in Firefox myself, ever since I came back, so I figured things were removed for whatever reason and just go through my own profile to get into the menu.

Running Chrome and I can see the top scroll here.

I had this issue long time ago and managed to fix it.
Do you have an ad blocker? (not sure this is the issue but that's the only thing I can think of right now)

Edit: I confirm that the adblock should be your issue:

Ad-blocker is usually the culprit in regards to this. Let me know if you deactivate Ad-Blocker for the site and it's still an issue.


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