Neo-Tokyo Submergence Ordeals

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« on: <05-26-19/1428:55> »
Your Mission - Come up with SRM suitable 'Ordeals' for Technomancers.  Look at the Ordeals for awakened characters in the Street Grimoire section of the FAQ for  ideas on what was suitable for them.

If we can get a few good ones, we'll try to include them in time for Origins!
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I was looking at the Submersion task in Data Trails pg162-164.
The submersion task can only be undertaken by a technomancer who has previously submerged. The submersion task takes 1 day on the character's missions calendar.
The 1st test is defined as Res+Wil+Grade(12, 1hr) Extended test to find the back door.
The 2nd test is described as an emotionally wrenching experience, which sounds like a Composure (3) test to pass the event horizon.
Then the tests for the submersion task would happen. Looking at initiation ordeals, I believe the following can be converted into submersion tasks:
Deed: A deed ordeal requires the character to perform some difficult task. In  Neo-Tokyo,  any  shadowrun  which  nets  the character  3  points  of  Street  Cred  (which  can  include  the  point  from  every  10  TKE)  may  count  as  a  Deed, however the Submersion must take  place prior to  the  next shadowrun. Finding the Backdoor and Passing the Event Horizon are still required as you must access the resonance realm and take credit for your deeds.
Sacrifice: Sometimes emerging yourself in the resonance realms takes its toll on your body. This time you are choosing to sacrifice an aspect of yourself in order to get a stronger connection to the resonance. When the character undergoes this task, they permanently give up 1 point from an attribute. The character’s natural maximum rating (p. 66, SR5) for that attribute is permanently reduced by 1. The character cannot sacrifice a point from a Rating 1 attribute. A rating augmented by cyberware, spells, or adept powers also cannot be sacrificed as part of this task. If this task is taken multiple times, the char-acter must reduce a different attribute before she can reduce a previously reduced attribute again.
Hermit: You seclude yourself into the deeper depths of the resonance realm. In order to survive, you must make a series of tests to augment the code to your will. First is Logic + Software (2) as you are sifting the data to find the best place to lay low. For the second and third test you must slip you being into position and contend with any resonance beings that currently exist there. The second test has a threshold of 3 and the third has a threshold of 4, but you may chose which order to test your stats. Charisma + Software and Intuition + Software. (For example Cha + Software (3) followed by Int + Software (4) or Int + Software (3) followed by Cha + Software (4)) The final test is resisting the natural order trying to get rid of you, Willpower + Software (5).
These  tests  may  be  made  at  the  beginning  of  the  next  game session  with  the  gamemaster  supervising  them.  Edge  may  be  spent  on  each  roll,  but  that  edge  is  then  spent for  the  entire  game  session.  Failing  any  of  these  tests  aborts  the  task,  costs  you  no  karma,  and  you  may  try  again  after  your  next Mission.
9 Paths to Understanding: At  the  beginning  of the  next  game  session,  before  the  game  starts,  ask  the  gamemaster  to  perform  the  opposed  roll  for  this  test, and  she  should  choose  the  higher  of  the  two  attributes  involved.  You  may  spend  a  point  of  Edge  on  this  roll, but  that  point  is  spent  for  the  entire  game  session. To successfully complete the challenge, the technomancer chooses one of the nine paths and must succeed in an Opposed Test. Each path of understanding has two attributes; the gamemaster chooses one, and the character takes the other. The player rolls the technomancer’s chosen attribute + current submersion grade, and the gamemaster rolls the technomancer’s other attribute + desired submersion grade. If the character succeeds, that path may not be taken again for a future submersion task.
Str/Bod - Resilience
Wil/Log - Flow
Agi/Int - Balance
Wil/Int - Spirit
Bod/ Cha - Harmony
Rea/Int - Instinct
Log/Int - Mastery of Time and Space
Wil/Str - Control
Cha/Res - Epiphany

Edited to add the FAQ bit relating to testing hermit at the table
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« Reply #2 on: <06-07-19/2112:55> »
I was looking at the Submersion task in Data Trails pg162-164...
Finding the backdoor can be done while buying hits with a starting die pool of 11 dice and would take you 8 hours. Passing the event horizon would take a die pool of 12 to pass while buying hits.
I based the Hermit tests on the stats relating to the living persona, ASDF=Cha, Int, Log, Wil respectively.