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Battle of Manhattan


Just finished reading Boardroom Backstabs 3: Battle of Manhattan and I'm seeing some changes I'll have to implement...
   ... first thing to know about the SR games I run: they're very hard. I run games more realistic (black trench coat style) trying to emulate a simulationist experience in the SR world as opposed to making it feel more gamey and over-the-top (pink mohawk style).
   As a GM I'm not shy about offing a player; or arresting them; or what have you. However I am very, very fair. Just brutal when the time comes if the PCs aren't careful.
   That said, I've having some major issues and reservations with Battle of Manhattan. And I'm curious what other GMs and their groups have had in their way of experience with this adventure set.
   (A) Manhattan is a super-secure corporate site. Yes, the book says to up the PCs' reward monetary rewards up by 30 to 50%;
   (B) for their first run the PCs potentially have an entire New York Triad syndicate to contend with if they get sloppy, and only for 10,000 nuyen per player ?!?!
   (C) the library vault job is still making my imagination run circles for how the PCs will come up with an effective way to open the vault and get their city map, to me, for how I know my players are, that's going to be the hardest job;
   (D) eventually they have to scuttle a cargo ship filled with 175+ combatants on it... for only 50,000 nuyen?
   (E) not to mention the intense war with the 58 Brigade (Vultures), 10,000 Daggers, and Prometheus Security Forces...
   ... in the end it's way too little karma and waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too little nuyen for compensation IMHO.
   Those five jobs should net the PCs between 50 to 70 karma at my quick estimate [the adventure gives close to 20, give or take a few points] (I award for karma for my PCs because I run a tough game); and all five jobs should net my PCs 500,000 to over a million nuyen by the time all the jobs are completely said and down... I just can't see compensating them any less for how potentially difficult these runs will be for them.
   Have any of you had similar issues or reservations in your games?

This is not a question for the Living Campaign of Shadowrun, just the standard game.

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