Mission Review: SRM 03-12 Elevator Ride To Hell ***Spoilers Possible***

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« Reply #15 on: <09-13-10/2321:00> »
Yeah, but the people who gassed you don't strike me as all THAT sophisticated.

Personally, I wouldn't have written it with a detailed explanation. The runners just wake up without knowing how they got there. If the runners really press the "how did I get knocked out, that's impossible", the GM can tailor an explanation for that particular character.



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« Reply #16 on: <09-13-10/2330:13> »
I'll have to look at the adevnture a bit when we do final edits on it for release.  It's not supposed to be that detailed, just some quick snippets of some vague, hazy memories...



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« Reply #17 on: <09-17-10/0557:04> »
Sorry to butt in on a GM thread Bull, but I'm the one who made Ferret have to give up the details on our capture.
Since SR4 has no limit on storage memory (since it can, and is, in everything) I have ChromeMonger keep a recording of the feed from his cybereyes. I just ran back thru the feed and found out what happened to us.  ;)

And if you really want to see me in paranoid mode, my agent program keeps my radar sensor going when I'm asleep..  8)
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