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It seem when ever i try to post something or send a pm to someone I have more trouble with this stupid section at the end. I spend more time trying to get the message to post with those stupid verification things then anything and it drives me nuts. I can answer all of them time after time and it seems i spend about 10 mites trying to get the post though. even when you get the right things it still seems to take forever to get right.

like the things are you a spammer? how do you answer that?
antispam ? do not ansswer this? What do you use to answer to be able to post?

I can't help you on getting through it for now, but I can tell you that it gets better. After you've made a certain number of posts (10, I think?) it stops making you verify every post. I don't know if Private Messages apply to that amount, though.

We have regular issues with bots and spam accounts on these forums, so the extra measures for new accounts is one way of deterring that.

Jayde Moon:
It's 5, so just make one or two more posts!!!

Thanks guys.

I find myself in exactly the same boat, except I can barely get a post on at all

I think something isn't liking the anti-spam question as I only got it to work last time in a page without it


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