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<Stig> The word in the shadows is that your looking for a run. Maybe I can help you with that, I've got a network of sources in a few places on the globe that have been feeding me info.

First off is a sort of self help seminar that my buddy Raven2049 is hosting, if your skills and gear don't match up, check out his "Build-a-Runner Workshop" event. He might be able to help out new guys in the shadows flesh out a few problems with their load-outs. Hes doin this outta the kindness of his heart, so no cost to you eh?

Second is sort of the follow up to Raven2049's workshop, he puts you through a "First Taste" of the shadows so that the help he gave you previously can be put to immediate work, and any other kinks you have can be ironed out. As with the other job its a freebie, go see if this running thing is for you.

Now we get to the real jobs:

Firstly, I have a contact in Chicago by the name of Lothan the Wise, he is a wiz bang troll from back in the day. Seems hes doing a bit of fixing now. But he needs a personal job done, he has a hankering for a canister from the old Chicago Field Museum, currently run by the Astral Space Protection Agency. Do what you need to to get the canister, but the guy holding it wont want nuyen.

Second, in my youth I've dabbled in street racing, but when I got to Neo-Tokyo and saw the Bozozoku scene there I knew I was out of my league. CAS Muscle is one thing, the scene in Neo-Tokyo is completely different. Well this Yakuza Kobun is in need of some competent runners to fix a street race for him. I don't know all the details but keep in mind this IS the Yakuza you'll be dealing with. So tread lightly.

If your interested in any of these run's hop on over to the Shadowcasters Network, its a site similar to Jackpoint that offers a "one stop shop" for Runners to get jobs in new areas.

Tell em The Stig sent ya.


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