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The Found Arcana Chapter 2 - IC

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Agency, about a week after the first paying job.

Arthur's gig was a life-line the first paying job for the team, and the performance was flawless. Yet, Halloweens are very dangerous which meant laying low for a while to cool down. Luckily, they do not seem to be actively looking for the team.  Unluckily, it has been a week of laying low and no client has approached the agency. After being bolted in the agency for about a week, and especially not taking the car out fearing that some Halloweener would tie the knots, the team is now pretty sure that nobody is after them.  Yet, they wonder how far the next paying job is, and with so much debt - each idle day seems like a terrible waste. 

This morning you have a team meeting, AM seems to be getting restless with the lack of action. After spending a week with the little woman, the team already knows that she has it worse than the rest, the last job barely covers her interest on the debt and her share of the rent - nothing more. Luckily for her, she is not one of the tax-payers in the group.  Technically, you do not need a formal meet - being stuck together for a week. Yet, AM returns with fresh coffee and chocolate flavored cookies, which is a good reason to visit the dining hall.

Mato keeps weird hours. His sleep regulator means that he can get by with only three hours of sleep a day. He seems like a night owl, but really he can knock off at 4am and still be awake for sunrise at 7am. Mato has a perch at a window that looks out over the street. He seems to just... watch. Maybe he's keeping an eye out for Halloweeners, or maybe he's just studying Touristville as it passes by.

The mid-late September weather is starting to turn toward autumn. Some rain makes it easier to stay indoors for long periods of time. Mato goes on a self-improvement kick, talking MadCat into giving him an introduction to armoring while watching back-to-back trid shows about the basics of wilderness survival and sleight-of-hand. The latter come easily, given his cybernetically augmented agility. The survival tips make sense to him, but remain theoretical at this point.

He also sneaks off to a gym in Bellevue to get some exercise. He practices running on a treadmill without his skimmers, and then takes some swimming lessons. His cyberlimbs make him float like a stone, but at least they're strong enough to keep his head above water. Watching him swim is a bit like watching a blender spin as Mato churns the water in a brute-force approach to buoyancy.

He gets back from the pool and showers thoroughly, as the lingering smell of chlorine bothers his olfactory boosters. Exiting the shower, he smells soykaf. He follows his nose to find AM with fresh soykaf and cookies. Mato is inwardly delighted, having worked up an appetite at the pool. "What's the occasion?" he asks, taking a seat at the table in his fluffy pink terrycloth bathrobe.

'Laying low,' it had such a better sound to it than 'being a recluse.'  Jawsey was so happy that he'd gotten the rest of the team to agree to 'lay low with him for a while.  It kept his lack of desire for going out stand out less.

It wasn't that he didn't have plenty to do.  The first day had been occupied soothing his cranky back and resting up from the strain of more magic than he'd been able to safely handle.  This had looked an awful lot like spending most of the day loafing in bed, but was driven by reasons of medicine rather than pure sloth.

The recovery day had given him plenty of time to contemplate the struggles he'd had with magic on the recent run.  It had been, frankly, embarrassing.  He wasn't claiming to be powerful, but he'd struggled to be able to to do anything with his magic.  Once he was feeling more up for it, he took advantage of their superior grid access to find far more information on magic than he'd read up until now.  A couple of days of reading and practicing had cleared him of some misconceptions on how the whole thing worked, and he fancied that his skill truly had improved.

But rather than stay focused on practicing the skills, his attention shifted to information he'd found on how to strengthen one's basic magical gift.  And so he started a series of magical observations and practices.  Astral atunement, studying one's own aura and how it met the broader astral, meditation, holding of mana, and more.  This had looked an awful lot like sitting on a pillow on the floor of his room.

After several days of this, he'd been more than ready for a distraction, so was glad of the opportunity to head to the common room, help himself to caff and cookies, and chat with AM and the rest.

"Figuring that it is time lay more highly?  Or is there some other order of business?"

Bobby had not been as confined as his chummers, thanks to the fact that he could go out in nearly any shape - as long as it wasn't his human one. Something curious had happened when he turned the boy into a puck. He had strained the very limits of his abilities to change form - and somehow transcended them. Not only had he reduced the boy's mass over the limit he thought he was capable off, he had done so partially against the boys will. Now he had found, during his nights out, that he could take the smaller shape of a house cat just as well as that of a grizzly - and he could turn a rat into a turtle even against that critters desires.

Mato's interest for armoring came at the right moment, as he now had to rework his critter armor, so it would expand enough for his new black bear form. When AM called the meeting, he had just stashed the last of his supplies - while practicing his Orangutan form. He still wore a pair of stretch pants an so made his way in ape form to the dining room. With the long arms it was no problem to grift some of the cookies from half the room away.
With the trode band on his head he asked through the matrix:
<<What's up? Time to start the shit flinging again?>>

AM seemed annoyed by the *dress code* of the house. "Mato please be more dressed the next time you come here, I can't concentrate like this... I am a woman you know" she said with a wink. She frowns when Bobby arrived as a great ape and just shrugs annoyed.  The meeting was getting stranger, and then she felt like an idiot for commenting on Mato's appearance when Bobby does not even arrive in meta-human form.

She replies to Jawsi, and addresses the rest as well  "We are still broke - and we need multiple paying jobs a month to get ahead. One of these days things will not work out so well, so we must have some redundancy.
Nobody knows we exist, except a few people asking for directions, and a homeless guy trying to squat in our garage. Nobody even entered this place looking to employ us. It is not that we are expensive, we are completely anonymous. We need a reputation. We should not just sit on our asses waiting for things to just happen to us, we need to be more proactive in finding employment."


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