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Hey all its your  (least) favorite fixer here! Got some news from around the 6th world. If your looking for some nuyen here's a quick lowdown on runs offered by a global organization known as the SCN.

For those of you in the Neo-Tokyo Sprawl we have an ominous sounding job, apparently a former J-pop star turned Corp Problem Solver has a job that could pay big bucks. You just have to compromise some of your friends.

Back on the UCAS side of the pond Chicago is stirring up some trouble. A wiz Decker by the name of Quantum Princess has need of some covert hardware modding in the CZ and Chicago Proper, with the CZ being opened back up due to Project Takeback I doubt this is the last one. Just dress for the weather, the forecast is for almost a meter or snow!

Also in Chicago there is a Dr. Martin Tate that is trying to get a facility lined up to expand his medical practice. He has the building in mind... Guess where you come in? Nope, nope, nope, wrong again! The door silly! You come in through the door! Make sure to grab the Building Ownership Docs off the host before you leave tho.

Finally just south of Chicago a Lounge Lizard by the name of Simon Andrews is asking for runners for a bleeding heart job. A peaceful Amish community has been terrorized by a herd of Brightly Colored Rainbow Devil Horse People! (you cant make this stuff up folks) This has warm and fuzzy written all over it, and not only because the pelts from the Centaurs would be warm and fuzzy.....

If any of these jobs sound interesting head on over to the SCN pirate node and offer your services. Maybe some like minded individuals will join your team for the job!


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