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Advice needed for runs to base simpler ones on

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I dont have any specific runs to suggest.
But maybe you could split some of the larger runs into 2 or even 3?
Say a long has the runners stealing a mcguffin in the first part, and then having the runners holding on to it long enough for a drop of a week later.
Change it to the first team of runners has to get the mcGuffin and hand it over to mr johnson. The next team of runners are then approached by amr johnson with the task of keeping it safe en delivering it to somewhere/one in a week.

Naturally the twist is that whatever the first team did during their run may affect the second team, did the mcGuffin get slightly banged up?, did they do a very good job of pissing off all the involved factions at once? Or did they manage to make some allies?

Michael Chandra:

--- Quote from: Beta on ---Im a fan of season 1, missions 1 and 3.  I thought they were both interesting enough getting to know things jobs (neither combat oriented)

If you want something from the SR5 era, season five, missions 1 and 6 both stand alone nicely, and could be pretty easily compressed if needed.

--- End quote ---
Looking into S01M01 and definitely going for that one for tomorrow. =) (I'm short on time anyway, because I got work now, rpg in evening, need to leave at 11 to pick up rittens at 2, then commute back and pass the rittens on to my wife before going to the event, where I am now responsible for the ENTIRE event, so both Shadowrun and D&D, because the D&D host quit... So I'm glad this scenario gives me plenty of leeway.)


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