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Advice needed for runs to base simpler ones on

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Michael Chandra:
Heya all,

Because I can't manage a 4-hour timeslot, having to make do with 3 instead, I host custom games without permanent characters, using just Missions Legal sample characters. As a result I also have to downtweak the opposition, since some runs aren't designed with a full starter party in mind. Normally I do short custom runs, but last time I took World Tour 1 (CMP 2016-05) and tweaked it to make it a nice challenge for the party.

I was wondering if anyone had a good idea on what CMPs or normal runs (as Agent I can access all, fortunately) would be a nice base to tweak a shorter lower-power adventure around with purely 3~5 newbies in mind?

First off all, include the classic  Food fight at stuffer shack  !! :) Tell them their Fixer/ Mr. Johnson will pick them up at the stuffer shack XYZ.

That comes with pre built characters and will give you an opportunity to see what type of players you have. Backstabbing, yell charge and fight it out, or do they simply try to sneak out and abandon everyone. It also lets them learn basic rules and combat without serious consequences.

The short adventure in the quick start rules ( the one with the map of MC Hughes) also is pretty straight forward  ( Daddy pays you to rescue his daughter from low tier mafia )and has ready to go sample characters. It starts at page 19.

Michael Chandra:
Food fight has as downside that it just goes straight into combat, and while I did run that kind of event once (team met up at a mall, mall got attacked by gangers), it doesn't give much taste for some characters, since it's essentially just the 1 scene. They're also more meant for quick intro runs of like 2 hours max. It'd be nice for a group that I need to gauge for a bigger campaign, but for open events it might be insufficient flavour to keep them interested. Thanks for the advice though, if anything I could expand on the QSR one with some custom stuff around it.

Im a fan of season 1, missions 1 and 3.  I thought they were both interesting enough getting to know things jobs (neither combat oriented)

If you want something from the SR5 era, season five, missions 1 and 6 both stand alone nicely, and could be pretty easily compressed if needed.

Michael Chandra:
Aight, good to know and I'll take a look at those 4. Any tips on CMPs from the past year?


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