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As the title says, summaries of two new products have been posted at, but rather than make you go there, why not just take a look at the text here? Here it is!


War rages in Central America, spies race here and there across the globe, and tales continue to spread of four powerful artifacts and the feats accomplished by those who manage to get their hands on them. To many, the world is becoming more disordered and unpredictable—but there are those who look underneath the surface chaos and see order, or even a plan. They see people and organizations who pull the strings and make the world shake, and they wonder if they can find out what these people are up to before it’s too late.

Conspiracy Theories is a deep dive into the underbelly of the Sixth World, a place filled with crackpot theories and insane ideas that would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that some of them are most assuredly true. If the want to stay alive, shadowrunners need to know this information so they can stay a step ahead of the forces that may be massing against them behind the scenes. If they want to prosper, they really need to know this data, because any runner worth a damn knows that manipulating people based on what they believe is true is a great way to make a few nuyen.

Bringing together plot elements from War!, Spy Games, and the Dawn of the Artifacts series, Conspiracy Theories adds a twisted element to Shadowrun games.


You could dabble in organized crime. You could do some smash-and-grabs. You could find all sorts of ways to pick up a few nuyen here and there. But everyone in the Sixth World knows that if you want to make a play for the big bucks, the real high-level stuff, you’ve got to get in bed with the corps.

The corps have the money, and they’ve got all the power that comes with it. If you want to have some of that cash and some of that pull for yourself, you’re going to need to stay alert, move quickly, and remember that while corps are willing to pay for things that help them, deep down they really hate sharing what they’ve got with anyone. Including shadowrunners. Especially shadowrunners.

Corporate Intrigue provides a wealth of plot points and adventure ideas to allow gamemasters to develop corporate-centered campaigns. Building on information provided in Corporate Guide, Corporate Intrigue provides the story information, location details, and NPC statistics to make running a corporate-themed campaign as easy, fun, and brutal as you want it to be.

Sound like some great titles...too bad we have to wait another quarter before we see them...

Any info on other/additional releases we can be looking for in the nearer future?



Attitude's up next, then Spy Games! I think!

Jason H.

Of course... :-[ ...completely forgot about those two.  Thanks!



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