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       A neon haze creeps through the windows, painting a congealed rainbow across the carpet.  Even through concrete walls and thick plated glass, the honking horns, crowds of tourists, and not-too-infrequent gunshot - not quite close enough for Knight Errant to bother with - blends together into a constant staccato of muted white noise.  It's been a week since you've moved in here with three other freelancers who are barely now acquaintances - you've run in the same circles, know a couple of the same people.  And so far, business has been nil.  Bills are a few weeks out, and now you've got overhead to worry about.

       A sing-song digital tone cuts through the sound of Touristville - the alert for your intercom.  An AR window appears in the periphery of your vision, displaying the feed for the exterior camera.  A middle-aged ork who is trying far too hard to look nondescript stands waiting outside your door.  He wears nondescript jeans and a synth leather jacket sporting a mid-shelf designer lable, and his features are obscured by a large pair of aviators and a Concrete Dream cap yanked down as low as his head will allow.

There was a time, not so many years ago, when ‘Jawsey’ would dashed outside astrally to check on their visitor, leaving his beaten body and shattered face hidden in a dark room.  At times during all the reconstructive surgery he might have wondered if the pain was worth it; right now, knowing that he can answer the door and not scare a client away, he knows it was worth every iota of pain. 

He sends an ARO to the others <<I’ll get the door.  See you all in the common room.  Can someone check if we need to make fresh caff?>> Then he grabs the cheap cane from beside him on the floor, levers himself up off his yoga mat, and walks quickly towards the door  He slows down and thumps the cane for the last few steps before reaching the door, and takes his time opening the locks.  Multiple locks -- important security in even the best part of Redmond, but not a bad prop for building anticipation either.

Finally he opens the door, flashes the best smile that his father had been able to buy, and suggests “You look like you’d like to get off the street.  Why don’t you come in, and then you can ask your questions or say your piece.”

Using his cane so that the others can easily hear their progress, he leads the orc to meet the others.  He just hopes nobody took his chair.

Bobby got up from the small bed in the laundry/training room. He had called dibbs on the room on the principle that he was the one most likely to come home late and dirty. Last night had not been an exception.
Now he was bleary eyed and half dressed - and of course now for the first time in days a customer arrived. Typically.

Happy to let his colleague handle it for the moment, he looked for the cleanest shirt in the heap next to the washing machine and got dressed.
More or less presentable, but not particularly fresh, he joined Jawsey.

Things did not look very well... moving to Seattle and getting a deck was expensive. She had a terrible debt to go with these, but there were few options for the SINless. She never owned a banked account or seen the inside of a bank, and a credit card debt seemed like a dream to her. 10% interest rate, pay with money or with services, so far she survived, but it seemed more luck than skill. Some opportunity came along, her contacts needed something, the Finnigan's needed something. However, this particular month was slow, and each day made it more stressful. She joined that PI business hoping that it would give her more business. Business was slow, but at least they reduced the cost of rent. All she had to do is to endure living with 3 guys she did not know... It was better than getting beaten up.

AM finds herself laying on her bed, submerged in the matrix. Following her shadow forums, looking for work. She snapped out of it quickly and still disoriented dashed to the mirror. She was not satisfied with her look, but she never was. She quickly prepared herself, wearing her one good suit, and not forgetting to apply a dash of magic to make herself more presentable. Satisfied she went to the common area and begun making some coffee. Since it was a special occasion, she also opened a pack of biscuits. She'll join the meeting a bit late with cups of coffee, and some biscuits for everyone.

Charisma enhanced by 3 points, no drain.
Improve Charisma F5/drain: 2#10d6t5 3 6

Mato stands stone-still at the second-story window, looking at the neon blur through the plated glass while he studies Touristville below. It is the only part of Redmond outsiders generally see, the place to go for a taste of “life on the wild side” without getting too wild or too real. Tourists and slummers hang out in sleazy clubs, the richer ones with their bodyguards in tow. Crimson Crush orks peddle chips while Knight-Errant patrols try to keep the corp kids safe. In AR, it's mostly one big spam zone.

Mato is glad that Jawsey gets the door; the elf has the gift of gab and it is generally better for everyone involved if Mato doesn't have to open his mouth at all. Still, the ork might appreciate seeing another ork in the room, so Mato wordlessly leaves his perch and heads for the common room.

Jawsey clumps along with his cane, making it easy to track his progress. Mato knows that the elf is being coy - he is far more nimble than the cane suggests - but it's a good prop. However, it's also a good idea to convey to prospective clients that the team is physically competent, even exceptional. To that end, Mato pushes up the sleeves of his Henley shirt so that his black matte cyberarms are clearly visible. The titanium-and-carbon-fiber limbs are sleek and expensive and worth showing off.

Mato assumes his position on the periphery of the common room, ready to play the role of "strong but silent". Plus, he's laced with sensors that are ready to analyze the visitor's person and behavior. Mato syncs the thermographic vision in his eyeglasses to his Thermal Mood Reading software, then does the same for his earbuds and the Vocal Tension Lie Detection software. Then he readies the cyberware scanner in his right arm, and the radar sensor in his left leg, on guard for any contraband the ork might be bringing with him.

<<Ready for soykaf>> he comms the rest of the team.


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