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The power of the Tri-Horse!


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The power of the Tri-Horse!


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I hope you guys don't mind me taking a couple liberties with the accoutrements of the office for the first post.  We'll assume you've moved in recently, and that it's a refurbished space that's had a good going over and had vital systems and security touched up.  It's furnished as in Spade's model, but... it's still in the Barrens.  There will be some downtime after the first run where you can personalize it a little more once the characters have lived a little and we feel out how the party chemistry plays out.  So you've been installed here for about a week, and haven't had any jobs yet.
The power of the Tri-Horse!


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"Jawsey" (Guujaw Thompson) -- Face, Astral habitué

Note: karma spent: 10 on attributes, 24 on qualities, 3 on bonding a focus, 13 on skills.
== Personal Data ==
Street Name: Jawsie
Name: Guujaw Thompson

Nuyen: 1339
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0

Movement: 8/16 (2m/hit)
Swim: 3 (1m/hit)
Composure: 13
Judge Intentions: 13
Lift/Carry: 5 (30 kg/20 kg)
Memory: 10

== Priorities ==
Metatype: C - Elf
Attributes: A - 24 Attributes
Special: D - Mage (2 magic, 1 skill at 2 (assensing), 3 "spells"
Skills: B - 36 Skills/5 Skill Groups
Resources: E - 6,000¥

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3
AGI: 4
REA: 4
STR: 2
CHA: 8
INT: 5
LOG: 5
WIL: 5
EDG: 4
MAG: 2

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   6.00
Initiative:                9 +1d6
Rigger Initiative:         9 +1d6
Astral Initiative:         10 +3d6
Matrix AR:                 9 +1d6
Matrix Cold:               10 +3d6
Matrix Hot:                10 +4d6
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Limits ==
Physical:                  4
Mental:                    7
Social:                    9
Astral:                    9

== Active Skills ==
Asensing (aura reading)  Base: 6          Pool: 11 (13)
Astral Combat (wf: blades)Base: 6         Pool: 11 (13)
Computer                 Base: 0  Karma: 1          Pool: 6
Con                      Base: 6          Pool: 14
Disguise                 Base: 4          Pool: 9
Etiquette                Base: 5          Pool: 13
Gymnastics               Base: 1          Pool: 5
Impersonation            Base: 0  Karma: 1          Pool: 9
Leadership               Base: 5          Pool: 13
Melee (Swords)           Base: 1          Pool: 5 (7)
Navigation               Base: 0  karma : 1          Pool: 6
Negotiation              Base: 5          Pool: 13
Perception (hearing      Base: 1          Pool: 6 (8)
Running                  Base: 1          Pool: 3
Small Arms (M.Pistols)   Base: 1          Pool: 5 (7)
Sneaking                 Base: 4          Pool: 8
Spellcasting (manip)     Base: 1          Pool: 3 (5)
Summoning (Man)          Base: 1          Pool: 3 (5)
Swimming                 Base: 1          Pool: 3
Tracking                 Base: 0  karma: 1          Pool: 6

== Knowledge Skills ==
English: native
Lakota                Base: 6          Pool: 12
Haida                    Base: 4          Pool: 10
Japanese                 Base: 6          Pool: 12
Russian                  Base: 6          Pool: 12
Spanish                  Base: 6          Pool: 12
Sperethiel               Base: 4          Pool: 10
Architecture             Base: 3          Pool: 8
Faerie Courts            Base: 4          Pool: 9
Private Investigator     Base: 4          Pool: 9
Seattle Free Spirit Community Base: 1          Pool: 6
Seattle music scene      Base: 2          Pool: 7

== Contacts ==
Bowdash; (Seattle Downtown) Fixer (C4, L2)
Green Toes; (Seattle, Courts) Free Fae Spirit (C2, L2)
Mr. Jabowski; (Auburn); Mafia Lieutenant (C3, L2)
Adeline Peters; (Seattle) KE Forensic Magician (C2, L3)
Zwipe (Touristville) Ganger (C1, L3)
Free Contacts
Lysander; (Seattle?) Info Broker (C3, L2)
Five-Fingers Gao & Fenghuang; (Seattle?), Talismongers, (C3, L4)

== Qualities ==
Addiction, mild (Psyche) (4)
Creature of Comfort (Middle)
In Debt ( 5)
Low-Light Vision
Method Actor
Quick Healer
Records on File (MCT)

== Lifestyle ==
Medium (shared)

== Tradition ==
Shamanic, Resist Drain with: 13

== Spells ==
Astral Armor (mana, LOS, sustained, drain = F-2)
Levitate (physical, LOS, sustained, drain = F-2)

== Spirits ==
Spirit of Man (B+1, A+2, R+2, S-2, I+1 / Accident, concealement, Confusion, Enhanced Senses (low light, thermographic), guard, influence, search. / Optional: Fear, Innate spell, movement, phychokinesis)

== Armor ==
Armor Vest                         9
Good Suit                          0

== Weapons ==
Glock 51
   + Ceramic/Plasteel Components
   + Laser Sight
   Pool: 5 (7)   Accuracy: 6 (7)   DV: 7P   AP: -   RC: 2
Mortimer of London ‘Belgrave’ Sword Cane w/personalized grip
   Pool: 5/6 (7/8)     Accuracy: 6   DV: 5P      AP: -2   RC: n/a  <== Meat
   Pool: 12/13 (14/15) Accuracy: 6   DV: 10s/p   AP: -2   RC: n/a  <== Astral
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 3   Accuracy: 4   DV: 2S    AP: -   RC: n/a  <== Meat
   Pool: 12  Accuracy: 9   DV: 7S/P  AP: -   RC: n/a  <== Astral

== Commlink ==
MCT Blue Defender (rating 3 ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 1, FWL: 5)
   + wrist-band formfactor, Commlink Functionality [Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display]
Sony Angel (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 1, FWL: 1)

== Gear: Equipped ==
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Machine Pistols) ×30
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Machine Pistols) ×60
Black Panther (2 doses)
Earbuds Rating 2
   + Sound Link
   + Select Sound Filter Rating 1
Fake SIN (Hector Vega) Rating 4
   + license (PI) rating 4
   + license (machine pistol) 4
   + license (blade) 4
Glasses Rating 3
   + Flare Compensation
   + Image Link
   + Magnification
Psyche (2 doses)
Reagents, per dram ×25
Tool Kit (Disguise)
Weapon Focus (Bonded Foci) (Mortimer of London ‘Belgrave’ Sword Cane) Rating 1
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Bobby „MadCat“ Walker (Amerindian)      
Remaining Karma: 5      
Resources   E   
Magic   B   
Race   E   
Attributes   B   
Skills   A   
BOD   5   
REA   2(5)   (10 Karma)
AGI   2   (10 Karma)
STR   3   
CHA   4   
INT   6   
LOG   3   
WIL   5   
EDG   2   
MAG   7   
ESS   6   
Phys   6   
Ment   6   
Soc   6(7)   
Exceptional Attribute MAG   14   
Quick Healer   3   
Agile Defender   3   
Mentor Spirit (Beast aka: Shark) – Mentor‘s Mask   5   
Super Human Psychosis   -2   
National SIN (Sioux)   -5   
In Debt 4   -4   
Did you just call me dumb   -3   
Impassive   -7   
Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)   -4   
Stealth   6   
Outdoors   4   
Unarmed (Tooth and Claw)   6(8)   +3
Spellcasting (Manipulation)   6(8)   
Gymnastics (Dodge)   6(8)   
Perception   6   
Intimidate (Mental)   6(8)   
Armorer (Armor)   1(3)   
Piloting Ground   1   
Pistols   6   
Assensing (Aura Reading)   4(6)   
Knowledge Skills:      
English (N)      
Lakota   6   
Arcana   6   
Magical Threats   4   
Underworld   3   
Zoology   5   
Military (Sioux)   3   

Fighting Styles:
 + Sweep
 + Counterstrike
Talismonger (Bill Wildwater) 5/2      
Captain Razak (SDF) 4/3      
Lysander (Info Broker) 3/1
Livewire (Neo-Anarchist hacker) 3/3       
Adept Powers (Sioux Tradition):      
Killing Hands      
Increased Reflexes  3   3,5   
AGI Boost   0,25   
BOD Boost   0,25   
Astral Perception   1   
Adept Spell (Shapechange, Fetish)   1   
Heightened Concern   0,5   
Critical Strike   0,5   
Elemental Strike (Electricity)   0,5   
Demara   0,5   
Equipment   26000   
Fake SIN 2   -4000   
Armored Jacket   -1000   
 + ShockFrills   -250   
Critter Armor 12   -600   
 +Electrical Insulation 6   -1500   
 +Chemical Protection 6   -1500   
Critter Googles R6   -300   
 +Persona Mod (2 Electronic Packs)   -500   
 +Flare compensation   -250   
 +Low Light Vision   -500   
 +Visual Enhancement R3   -1500   
Comlink R1   -100   
Trodes   -70   
Respirator R6   -300   
Survival Kit   -200   
Fetish   -2000   
Livestyle Medium (Shared)   -1900   
1/4 of the Team Car -4000   
Reagents 50   -1000   
Stealth Tags 30   -30   
Medkit R3   -1500   
Miniwelder    -250   
Defiance Ex Shocker   -250   
 +Laser Sight   -125   
 +Quickdraw Holster   -175   
 + 20 Taser Darts   -100   
 +Peronalized Grip   -100   
Luggage (good) (Backpack)   -100   
 + Roll of duct tape   -5   
Amorer Toolkit   -500   
Microtransceiver -100
Money on Hand   1925   


Recruiting Interview with Specialist Robert Walker:
Son of War Shaman Yanni "Dark Crow" Walker and Environmental Engineer Elisabeth Miller (official resident).
Born August 12th 2051 in Cheyenne.
Developed strong physical magical talent during highschool, was recruited into Sioux Defense Forces at age 17, recommended for special training at 18. Completed tour of duty at [Classified] and [Classified], talent for infiltration and scout duties. Recommended for special operations, recommendation rescinded due to disciplinary problems.
Barred from further promotions, honorable discharge in 2073. Assessment by Shaman Bill Whitewater indicates severe totemic influence over personality and/or corrupted totem (Hunger/Wendigo classification).
Self employed tourist guide, private detective and suspected mercenary work.
Currently in debted to the Tiošpaye.

Assessment: Ready for recruitment

Cpt. Razak: Mr. Walker, how are you? It's been a while since we met.
Robert Walker: Yeah, long time no see... Could be better, could be worse. Anyone still alive from the 16th?
CR: The 16th never dies - though no, no-one you'd know is still around. I heard you had some trouble recently? Something about a lost consignment for the extended Family?
RW: You looking for trouble? Cause asking stuff like that is a quick way to getting digested by coyotes. I've got nothing to do with those assholes since Charlie took over.
CR: Fair enough. But you are still looking for gainful employment, aren't you? See kid, I always had a week spot for you and your abilities. A real shame that those pencil pushers couldn't overlook that little scuffle you had with Seargent What's-his-name.
RW: Ha. Asshole deserved it.
CR: Well, maybe you didn't have to turn into a Chimpanzee, knock him out and throw your own feces at him.
RW: Didn't have to - wanted.
CR: *Sigh* - Just for your information, it took me considerable effort to prevent them from just throwing you into prison and losing the key. The honorable discharge was the best I could do for you.
RW: And my eternal gratitude it has ensured. What do you want? I've got a child's birthday party to entertain and need to get into character soon.
CR: How would you like to work for a real PI agency? In Seattle. A regular income, no troubles with the NAN authorities, interesting jobs and a new start?
RW: Yeah - what's the catch?
CR: From time to time you'd be approached by someone who gives you a job you can't refuse - still payed of course.
RW: So black ops on forreign soil? Eh, what the hell, I'm in. At least it can't be as boring as the shit I do right here...
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Meet Amy Maka, a hybrid Anglo Sioux aspected mage. (and a bit of a decker).

Born to a Sioux father and an Anglo mother, Amy Maka did not find her place in either of the worlds.  She grew up on a reservation and felt discrimination by so-called native Sioux.  Her father kept in touch occasionally and would take Amy Maka with him to some father-daughter activity. Together, they enjoyed off-road driving and, target practice.  Daddy loved his firearms, and Amy Maka loved her father, so she rigorously practiced driving and shooting. It gave them something to do together.

Her mother did not like that kind of influence and encouraged Amy Maka to study hard and get a real job in the computing industry.  Amy did so and discovered a natural talent for hacking things and advanced computer usages. Her first job was performing extensive matrix research on various topics, for students that were too lazy or too incompetent to do it themselves. Opportunities for the SINless where quite limited, so this was as good as life could get. It was not bad, she had to parents that no longer loved each other, but the two of them liked her, and she made enough to sustain herself.

Her lucky break was in her late teens when she awakened. Such a gift offered a hope to break out of poverty, and such hoped justified going to great length. Namely, it justified sending Amy Maka away. Her mother sent her away to a nearby tribe to get some magical education.  She was under the guidance of Shaman Dancing Bear.  Traditional hard-core Sioux shamanism - from a tribe that refused to use modern technology.  She did not fit very well in that tradition as well. First, she showed no conjuring capabilities - which was a disappointment. Second, when she finally found a totem, it was not the mighty Bear, the noble Eagle or the restless Horse, not at all it was - the Spider. It did not quite fit, and Amy Maka did not speak much about her mentor.

Maka's first boyfriend was a traditionalist Sioux man, a hunter.  She loved him deeply, and the two planned to run off to Seattle and get married. Things did not end up very well for the two. Their connection was frowned upon by Crying Fox's parents. Maka being an unusual magic practitioner made it even worse, instead of a holy woman - she was foreign-alien.  The family did not have it - his terrible big brother caught the two lovers together and beat Crying Fox unconscious. Maka could do something to help him; she was a sorcerer, she had a gun nearby.

She froze in terror, too naked, too ashamed and too surprised. A lifetime of training with firearms, years of magic education, and she did nothing. Worse than nothing, she ran away and hid in nearby bushes.  She watched the entire drama without interfering.  If there was one thing worse than looking like an Anglo and having strange magic - it was to be a coward.  So she left, running away from her family from her boyfriend, and finding herself in Seattle. She suffered for being an 'Anglo' why not listen to them? Perhaps she'll find a home in Seattle...

It was difficult to stand up on her two feet; first, she needed to reach  Seattle illegally, which was expensive. Second, she needed a fake SIN for the first time in her life, which was more expensive.  Third, she needed work to pay off her debit, but legitimate work did not pay well enough,  and she did not have the connections to do anything else.  Amy Maka ended up being indebted to the people that brought her. Luckily for her, instead of killing her for being so hopeless to finish off her debit, they decided to use her and allowed her to pay the interest on the debt with shadow jobs. It was only in Seattle when Amy Maka became a real criminal.  (but being a criminal was better than being a prostitute, so she had that pride.)

She found the job at an agency funded by the Sioux nation to be a lifeline to some badly needed cash and connections that could help her pay her debts. They did not need to blackmail her. The hope of breaking free from the Mafia was enough to have her intrigued.  However, blackmail was on the table if she misbehaved, and Amy Maka was not sure how her father would react if he heard of her behavior. Would he disown her?  He must never find out.

Also, in a way despite anything, Amy Maka was a Sioux patriot. She got that from her father,  she did not plan to be such a coward.  Though, if he beat his brother so severely, what would he do to her? That Wildcat brother terrified Amy Maka still, after all these years.  Perhaps, working for the government, she'll prove to herself,  that she was no longer a cowered. Though, she could never imagine going back.

character sheet.
== Personal Data ==
Name: Amy Maka Green            Alias:
Elf, Female                     
Movement: 10/20 (2m/hit)                 
Swim: 3 (1m/hit)                     
50, 170                         Composure: 10
Street Cred: 0                  Judge Intentions: 10
Notoriety: 0                    Lift/Carry: 2 (15 kg/10 kg)
Public Awareness: 0             Memory: 10
Karma: 5                        Nuyen: 93¥
Age: 30                         Skin: white
Eyes: Green                     Hair: Blonde
Primary Arm: Right             

== Priorities ==
Metatype: C,2
Attributes: B,3
Special: D,1
Skills: A,4
Resources: E,0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 1                          CHA: 5
AGI: 5                          INT: 5
REA: 4                          LOG: 5
STR: 1                          WIL: 5
EDG: 2                          MAG: 5

== Derived Attributes
Essence: 6.00                   Initiative:          9 +1d6
Physical Damage Track: 9        Rigger Initiative:   9 +1d6
Stun Damage Track:              11Astral Initiative:   10 +3d6
Physical: 3                     Matrix AR:           9 +1d6
Mental: 7                       Matrix Cold:         6 +3d6
Social: 7                       Matrix Hot:          6 +4d6
   Vashon Island: Ace of Cups [+1] (Must be visible)
Astral: 7

 == Active Skills ==
Assensing (Aura Reading)        Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 8 (10)
Computer                        Base: 6  + Karma: 0  = 6   Pool: 11
Con                             Base: 6  + Karma: 0  = 6   Pool: 11
Counterspelling                 Base: 3  + Karma: 2  = 5   Pool: 10
Disguise                        Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 10
Etiquette                       Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9
Hacking (Personas)              Base: 6  + Karma: 0  = 6   Pool: 11 (13)
Impersonation (Human)           Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6 (8)
Leadership                      Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9
Negotiation                     Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9
Palming                         Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 10
Perception                      Base: 5  + Karma: 0  = 5   Pool: 10
Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled)    Base: 6  + Karma: 0  = 6   Pool: 10 (12)
Pistols (Machine Pistols)       Base: 6  + Karma: 0  = 6   Pool: 11 (13)
Ritual Spellcasting             Base: 3  + Karma: 2  = 5   Pool: 10
Sneaking                        Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 10
Software (Data Bombs)           Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6 (8)
Spellcasting                    Base: 3  + Karma: 2  = 5   Pool: 10

 == Knowledge Skills ==
English                         Native
Lakota                          Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Sperethiel                      Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Arcana                          Base: 6  + Karma: 0  = 6   Pool: 11
Area Knowledge: Seattle         Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9
Art                             Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
Data Havens                     Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
Gaming                          Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
Music (Classical)               Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7 (9)

 == Qualities ==
Aspected Magician
Big Regret (Not Saving Friend)
Code of Honor (Harmony With Nature)
Dedicated Spellslinger
Focused Concentration ( 5)
In Debt ( 8)
Low-Light Vision
Mentor Spirit (Spider (Alt))
Phobia (Common, Mild) (Rats)
Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)

 == Tradition ==
Shamanic, Resist Drain with  10

 == Spells ==
Fling (Limited)          DV: F-4
Growth (Limited)         DV: F+1
Heal                     DV: F-4
Increase [Attribute] (INT)DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (LOG)DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (CHA)DV: F-3
Influence (Limited)      DV: F-3
Levitate                 DV: F-2
Makeover                 DV: F-3
Watcher                  DV: Special

 == Lifestyle ==
Group Lifestyle (Medium) 1  Month
   + Grid Subscription (Local Grid)
   + Grid Subscription (Public Grid)

 == Armor ==
Armor Jacket                       12
Vashon Island: Ace of Cups         9

 == Weapons ==
Throwing Knife
   Pool: 4      Accuracy: 3     DV: 2P       AP: -1    RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 4      Accuracy: 3     DV: 1S       AP: -     RC: 2
Urban Tribe Tomahawk
   Pool: 4      Accuracy: 4     DV: 3P       AP: -1    RC: 2
Walther P118
   + Advanced Safety System, Basic
   + Electronic Firing
   + Extended Clip
   + Gas-Vent 2 System
   + Safe Target System, Base
   + Smartgun System, Internal
   + Trigger Removal
   + Weapon Commlink
   Pool: 4      Accuracy: 5 (8) DV: 7P       AP: -     RC: 5

 == Commlink ==
Erika MCD-1 (ATT: 2, SLZ: 3, DP: 1, FWL: 4)
   + Sim Module, Hot
   + Universal Connector Cord (Meter)
   + Commlink Functionality [Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display]
   + Vectored Signal Filter
   + Program Carrier (Virtual Machine)
   + Browse
   + Edit
   + Encryption
   + Search
   + Signal Scrub
   + Toolbox
   + Exploit
   + Decryption
   + Wrapper
   + Smoke and Mirrors

== Gear: Equipped ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Machine Pistols) ×28
Black Panther
Fake SIN (Amy White) Rating 3
Fetish (Earring)
Govi Rating 6
Reagents, per dram (Shamanic) ×10
Stealth Tags
Throwing Knife ×2
Urban Tribe Tomahawk

 == Contacts ==
Janet (Infobroker), Dime (Connection: 3, Loyalty: 1)

Kira Black (Decker), (Connection: 3, Loyalty: 2)

Tom Jones (Go-Ganger), (Connection: 3, Loyalty: 3)

== GM contacts ==
- Johnny Morad – Arms Dealer (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)
- Five-Fingers Gao & Fenghuang – Talismongers (Connection 3, Loyalty 1)
- Fagin – Grey Market Item Delivery - (Connection 3, Loyalty 1)

Kira 'OOO' Benson
Known in the matrix as triple O, or Black (due to the RGB value ofBlack).  Kira is a phenomenal decker and does some teaching on the side.  Kira is nowadays laying low as an electronic shop owner in Redmond's barrens. Amy Maka (AM), knows her due to a previous shadow work. She made Kira her hero, and mentor and the two often meet during the matrix so she can study. Like any relationship, Black's way of teaching is an apprenticeship which means that Kira does some decking, computer research or even provides overwatch for free. In return,  she gets instruction, repairs to her deck and the ability to network with Black's contacts.  She does get paid when the job is illegal or extra tedious though.  Except for job, once in a while, usually after a generous payday, the two go out drinking and dancing.  The two are not friends yet, but few people know Black as a decker, and out of these she finds AM as pleasant to be around. 

Janet 'Dime' Butler
It is Janet's job to know things, anything - information is her preferred currency, and the most valued service she performs.  AM met her in her years at the Sioux and used her services from time to time when she could not find enough information herself - or when she sold stolen data.  Janet likes artwork, especially AR/VR modern art. AM met her once at such virtual art gallery.

Tom Jones
Tom Jones (TJ) is a collector, leg-breaker, and ganger. While not strictly a Mafiosi he is in bed with them, and usually does some of their dirty work.  AM met him when he beat the crap out of her for missing out on a payment. 
This was one of the most traumatic experiences for AM, and she vowed that it would never happen again.

How the two grew closer? Well, being so desperate and about to be hit again AM convinced TJ to take some barter from him. She'll help him impress some girl he was after, and he'll give her some more time. AM pimped him up and added a dash of magic - and TJ kept coming and even paying for AM's services. He still required collecting the debt, but would usually give her some leeway.  You could say that AM is one of TJ's contacts, tough AM sees herself capable of asking for favors - and expecting cooperation due to their now regularized relationship.

Non-contact people.

Crying Fox -
Her (almost) husband, ex-boyfriend. AM had left things unresolved between the two when she fleed Sioux and has never looked back, contacted or called. She left him, without a word, physically and digitally disappearing as if she never existed.  Why? AM asked herself many times why. In part because she was ashamed, unworthy of his love. In part, because she did not want him to sacrifice his family, his tribe for her.  In part because she was afraid that she would be next.

Crying Wolf
Crying Fox's brother, a Wildcat. AM knows very little of him, but he is the stuff of horror for her. His narrow-mindedness and stigma have ripped her away from the last (and only) time AM was happy.

Dancing Bear (Beer)
Dancing Bear (also known as 'Beer') is a Sioux (full mage) shaman, and a spiritual leader of a small traditionalist Sioux community; he trained  AM and taught her the ropes into developing her talent. Sadly, she was aspected to sorcery that while useful, does not carry the culturally valued. To AM he is almost a father figure a person that introduced her into a world of wonder, and awe. 

He is known as Beer, due to a pact he has with a powerful spirit. That requires him (so he says) to consume a lot of beer - both in his rituals and in his offerings.  He could also be an alcoholic - and the objective truth may be somewhere in the middle.

Rina Gold
AM's mother, an unregistered citizen of the Sioux nation, earning her living from teaching computers at an elementary school. She grew AM up and kept her out of troubles. In a few occasions, she even bribed a lawman to look the other way when AM was caught 'existing' without certificates.  Her love and dedication have made AM what she is today.

Yahto Gem
AM's father, married to another woman whom AM has never met, and has a family of his own. Unexpectedly, Yahto made an effort to have a connection to AM. He paid for much of her upbringing arriving at night to visit her mother, and on occasion when he had business trips, he took AM with him on long drives. He taught her to drive, and to shoot with small arms. Skills which he considered a must-have but Rina would never want AM to have.

AM keeps in touch with her parents, but they think that she is a secretary.

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Name: Mato
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: Sioux
Ancestry: Sioux
Lifestyle: Medium, shared
Money: ¥725
Karma Spent: 20 karma
Current Karma: 5 karma
Physical Description: Mato is an Sioux ork with obvious cyberlimbs. He has matte black cyberarms and cyberlegs. The cyberlegs are as sleek as a Eurocar Westwind 3000 and probably cost just as much. The arms aren't quite as polished and show more signs of wear but are still serious tech.

410 for all limbs       5 (8)12 right arm, 10 left arm, 5 legs       
LogicIntuitionWillpower       Charisma
500.041d6 + 14
Physical l.Mental l.Social l.Astral l.
11 left arm, 12 right arm, 8 legs       52N/A
Physical boxStun boxOverflow
0 of 80 of 100

Positive Qualities
Agile DefenderUse AGI for Full Defense
Biocompatability (Cyberware)-10% Essence costs
Jack of All Trades, Master of None       different karma costs for advancing skills
Perfect TimeExtra Free Action, always knows the time to the minute
Redliner+2 AGI, +2 STR, fewer Physical condition monitor boxes

Negative Qualities
Family CurseEasier to get addicted
ImpassiveLower Social Limit
In Debt IIOwe ¥15,000 to Koshari, 10% due per month
SINner (National)     Sioux Nation, 15% due in taxes

Active Skills
Skill (Spec)Rating          Notes
Automatics (SMGs)5 (7)smartlink
Locksmith (Maglocks)5 (7)
Perception (Visual)5 (7)sensors
Sneaking (Indoors)5 (7)
Thrown Weapons (Blades)5 (7)
Unarmed Combat (Cyber Implants)     5 (7)
Melee Weapons5
Disguise (Camouflage)1 (3)
Etiquette (Corporate)1 (3)
Gymnastics (Leaping)1 (3)
Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled)       1 (3)
Tracking (Urban)1 (3)

Knowledge Skills
Area Knowledge: Sioux Nation (Butte)     3 (5)
Area Knowledge: Seattle    3
Cybertechnology (Cyberlimbs)     3 (5)
Business (Finance)3 (5)
Firearms (Automatics)2 (4)

Language Skills
English     N

NameCost     Notes
Bilateral Coordination Co-processor0.20Ambidexterity
Damper0.09+2 dice pool bonus to resisting sonic attacks, including flashbangs
Nephritic screen R50.25+5 drug addiction tests, Toxin Resistance tests, and Disease Resistance tests
Olfactory Booster R40.18+4 Smelling Perception
Reaction Enhancers R3 (Used)1.04+3 Reaction
Sleep Regulator0.10Sleep 3 hours per night
Obvious Full Arm, Used (AGI 10, STR 10, Physical 11) (Left)     1.15Customized Agility R6, Enhanced Agility R2, Customized Strength R8, Submachine Gun, Sound Suppressor, Armor R3
Obvious Full Arm, Used (AGI 10, STR 12, Physical 12) (Right)     1.15Customized Agility R6, Enhanced Agility R2, Customized Strength R8, Enhanced Strength R2, Spurs, Shock Hand, Cyberware Scanner R5, Armor R3
Obvious Full Leg (AGI 10, STR 5, Physical 8) (Left)     1.15Customized Agility R6, Enhanced Agility R2, Hydraulic Jacks R6, Skimmers, Radar Sensor R4, Smuggling Compartment, Armor R2
Obvious Full Leg (AGI 10, STR 5, Physical 8) (Right)     1.15Customized Agility R6, Enhanced Agility R2, Hydraulic Jacks R6, Skimmers, Internal Air Tank R3, Smuggling Compartment, Armor R2

Contact     Profession     C/L     
Heather Huxley     Street DocC3 / L3
Tricky NickyIdentity Broker/Forger     C3 / L3

Armor Jacket (armor 12)
     - Chemical Resistance 4
     - Fire Resistance 4
     - Non-Conductivity 4

Ballistic Mask (+2 armor)
     - trodes
     - gas mask
     - Vision Enhancement R3

Zoé: Executive Suite (armor 12)
     - Custom Fit
     - Newest Model

   + Gas-Vent 3 System
   + Personalized Grip
   + Shock Pad
   + Smartgun System, Internal
     - Acc 5 (8), 10P, AP -2
     - RC 7 (8), 38(c), SA/BF/FA, Conceal +6
     - Ranges: 25 / 150 / 350 / 550
Cyber Submachine Gun
   + Smartgun System, Internal
     - Acc 4 (6), 7P, AP 0
     - RC 4 (houserule), 18(m)/32(c), SA/BF
     - Ranges: 10 / 40 / 80 / 150
Ingram Smartgun X
   + Gas-Vent 2 System
   + Smartgun System, Internal
   + Sound Suppressor
     - Acc 4 (7), 8P, AP 0, Conceal +2
     - RC 7 (houserule), 32(c), BF/FA
     - Ranges: 10 / 40 / 80 / 150

Ammo: APDS (Submachine Guns) ×80
Ammo: APDS (Assault Rifles) ×80
Ammo: Explosive Rounds (Submachine Guns) ×80
Ammo: Explosive Rounds (Assault Rifles) ×80
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Submachine Guns) ×80
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Assault Rifles) ×80
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Submachine Guns) ×80
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Assault Rifles) ×80

Grenade: Flash-Bang x5
     - 10S, AP -4, 10m radius
Grenade: Fragmentation x5
     - 18P(f), AP +5, -1P/meter
Grenade: Gas (Pepper Punch) x5
     - 18P(f), AP +5, -1P/meter
Grenade: High Explosive x5
     - 16P, AP -2, -2P/meter
     - Ranges: 24 / 48 / 96 / 180

Shuriken x5
     - Acc 12, 13P, AP -1
     - Ranges: 12 / 24 / 60 / 84

Throwing Knives x5
     - Acc 12, 13P, AP -1
     - Ranges: 12 / 24 / 36 / 60

Shock Hand
     - Acc 12, 9S(e), AP -5

     - Acc 12, 15P, AP -2

Autopicker R6
Bug Scanner R6
Contacts R3
   + Image Link
   + Smartlink
   + Flare Compensation
C-Squared Rating 6 ×5
Earbuds R3
   + Sound Link
   + Audio Enhancement R2
Flashlight, Low-light
Gecko Tape Gloves
Glasses R4
   + Vision Enhancement R3
   + Thermographic Vision
Jammer, Area R4
Lockpick Set
Medkit R6
Medkit Supplies
Restraint, Plasteel ×5
Sequencer R4
Slap Patch, Stim Patch R6 ×2
Slap Patch, Tranq Patch R6 ×2
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch ×1
Survival Kit
Tag Eraser
Tool Kit (Hardware) for maglocks

Fake SIN ("Dirk Magnum", UCAS National) R4
   + Fake License (Blades)
   + Fake License (SMG)
   + Fake License (Assault Rifles)
   + Fake License (Optical & Imaging Devices (contacts w/ smartlink))
   + Fake License (B&E Gear)
   + Fake License (Driver's License)
   + Fake License (Private Investigator License)

Fake SIN ("Tex Shaft", UCAS National) R1

Transys Avalon
   + Subvocal Mic
   + Trodes
Meta Link

AR Fashion Subscription, Business
CarnivoreGold: linguistic database and code-breaking software
MonaLisa: facial recognition software
Pheromone Detection
Thermal Mood Reading: assists Judge Intentions
Vocal Tension Lie Detection: also assists Judge Intentions

Team Vehicle
Ford Americar
   + Amenities (High)
   + Anti-Theft System (Rating 2)
   + GridLink Override
   + Manual Control Override
   + Morphing License Plate
   + Spoof Chips
   + Smuggling Compartment

Karma Log
11/16/18 - Spent 6 karma (Jack of All Trades) on Intimidation 1, Palming 1, Running 1, Swimming 1, Palming 1, Survival 1
11/16/18 - Spent 14 karma on Thrown Weapons (Blades) and Unarmed Combat (Cyber Implants) specializations
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« Reply #7 on: <08-28-18/1323:37> »
I assume Beta would like to do a negotiation roll in the next few posts. So to speed things I'll have my cooperation roll done already - so Beta would know how many dice to roll.

Negotiation (teamwork): 13d6t5 6
So, up to +6 dice, depending on his skill levels in negotiations  (if I recall correctly he only has a skill level of 5.)


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« Reply #8 on: <08-28-18/1347:54> »
I assume Beta would like to do a negotiation roll in the next few posts. So to speed things I'll have my cooperation roll done already - so Beta would know how many dice to roll.

Negotiation (teamwork): 13d6t5 6
So, up to +6 dice, depending on his skill levels in negotiations  (if I recall correctly he only has a skill level of 5.)

Thanks Gilga, agreed we shouldn't dilly-dally too long before finding out how much he'll help keep our various debtors at bay!  But I'm going to wait to get an initial round of answers out of him.

@Lorebane: a very ooc question for you.  Will we do this the more classic SR way (Johnson makes an offer, we roll negotiate, etc).  Or like a PI agency should it be "Here is our standard prices, we'll need at least 500 up front" type of thing, and we'll work out the pay based on time taken and other things that might be in the price list?

asensing: read aura (11+2): 13d6t5 2

Well, not inspiring for my first roll of his signature ability, but enough to see emotional state anyway.


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« Reply #9 on: <08-28-18/1438:25> »
Hadnt thought of that.  This guy is about to kust make an offer, but you could ertainly put a pricing pla  together for future jovs.
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« Reply #10 on: <08-28-18/1529:26> »
@Lorebane: note the asensing roll two posts up :)


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« Reply #11 on: <08-28-18/1615:40> »
Per the House Rules doc, I'm going to purchase hits if that's not cheesy (GM discretion):

Perception (Visual): Intuition 6 + Perception 5 + Specialization 2 + Visual Enhancement 3 = 16 dice = 4 hits for visual
Perception (Audio): Intuition 6 + Perception 5 + Audio Enhancement 2 = 13 dice = 3 hits for audio
Perception (Scent): Intuition 6 + Perception 5 + Olfactory Sensors 4 = 15 dice = 3 hits for smelling
Cyberware Scanner: Rating 5 = 5 dice = 1 hit (enough for standard cyberware and weapons, per the table on p. 362 of SR5)
Judge Intentions: Charisma 2 + Willpower 4 + Thermal Mood Reading 2 + Vocal Tension Lie Detection 2 = 10 dice = 2 hits (although Jawsey will be much better at this if he wants to use these hits for a Teamwork test)


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« Reply #12 on: <08-28-18/1940:55> »
Spam bots seem to be back.  Should we plan a contingency in case the forum goes down again tomorrow?  I'd really hate to get locked out right as we're getting off the ground.
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« Reply #13 on: <08-28-18/2000:29> »
Step 1 is to save the relevant threads periodically so that we don't lose anything. The "Print" button in the bottom-right corner is a godsend for this, which I then Save As HTML files.

Step 2 is to establish a backup site where we can meet if the site is down for an excessively long period of time. I think everyone is at (I just now registered as a back-up measure.) Jack said that he has limited mod rights on RPG Playroom and could set up the relevant threads if necessary. We can message each other over there.


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« Reply #14 on: <08-28-18/2044:36> »
One thing it occurs to me to mention, mostly because you guys are vets and seem pretty lore-savvy is that there are a lot of portions of the game canon that I am probably less familiar with than you.  I've filled in a few blanks that may not be kosher, but I hope you guys can run with it.  There may be certain "possibilities" that have been hinted at in rulebooks but not confirmed, and I go with that interpretation.  There may be a few other things I've read about in passing but have tweaked in my own headcanon - sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, sometimes a rockstar just got mugged on the way home from a concert.
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