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What's in the boxes?


First off, I love that there's a conversion kit for the next edition, but what's in it?   What's being replaced and what am I going to hold on to?  Will it cover everything that's been released previously?  Not a long list, so safe to assume it will?

For the new starter box, is there a better card tray?   I loved that the first one was designed to handle further card expansions, but it didn't have room for all the larger card stock we later got.  Character sheets and such.

Well, guess I'll find out tomorrow.  I was hoping to leave home anything I won't need.

It sounds like the upgrade is just upgraded race cards, promo cards for close the portal, and 2 changed obstacles.

$25 for that seems like an "Eff You for supporting us for years, jerks."

The major change our group had for difficulty was running the Las Vegas promo once for early karma.

Complete list of contents:

Adjustment Tokens
Exhausted Tokens
Nuyen Tokens
Generic Markers
Plastic Clips
Upgrade Stickers
1 Crossfire Card
4 Obstacle Cards
17 Runner Screens
2 Mission Cards
1 Client Card
1 Dragon Rules Card


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