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Threads becoming chat rooms.

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I've seen it in a couple of threads and I'm curious if this is the direction the forum will be taking.

On the one hand, it's great for the regulars who just think of this as a casual place.

On the other hand, it turns the signal to noise ratio to mush.

As an example, I'll point to mainly because it's only three pages long, which makes it a bearable length. By pg 3 it's become a private chat room. There isn't a single post on page 3 at this time that has to do with the actual topic.

Personally, I don't care enough to do anything more than start the discussion. This isn't my forum. You guys can run it any way you want. The question is, what do you want this forum viewed as? If you're building a place for people who like shadowrun to hang out and chat, it's fine, and if that's your goal, keep on keeping on. If you're building a place to go to get answers, the absence of developers and the signal to noise ratio makes it close to useless. There is neither fast response or effective way of seaching threads (since, as demonstrated, they become chat rooms), which makes the official forums less useful as a research tool.

I think the reason why is people are getting 'in character' in most of the threads and it kinda devolves like a normal conversation does. If it gets too far off topic, I've seen some posts kindly pointing out that it has and try to steer it back on topic.

I like the casual feel so far (as my post count can attest), and I know I've derailed a thread or ten myself, but some of the more official threads (asking about errata, discussing rules, etc.) tend to stay more on topic than the more general discussion threads (at least, IMHO).

Chaotic Insane:
Give me or dad a good slap on the nose if it starts bugging anyone and we'll shut right up. No worries. Don't even worry about being polite about it. XD Both of us are REALLY BAD at hijacking threads. Especially if we're both in the same one.

I personally like the more GD threads being way more casual and laid back. It's helping me get settled enough both with the people here AND the fluff text of the setting so I'm not going to feel like a total noob dumbass when I try to ask more serious questions about rules later on.

It would be nice if the off-topic ramblings stayed in...well...the off-topic area.  Particularly where folks are asking rules questions and similar "strongly on topic" sort of threads, it'd probably be good for the forums in the long run to keep things a little more focused.

Ya, i do have a problem straying way off topic sometimes, well...more than sometimes and i do apologize for it, i'm working on trying to curb my enthusiasm and stay to the topic of the certain thread i'm posting in.


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