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Roughly three weaks after their arrival - bnc had spent a good deal of this time in a hospital in Essen - suddenly a message pops up at Anna's commlink.

<@Anna <bunny im back to mun wanna visit me? got sthg nice 2 show u
writ down the ad on paper ill completely erase evry trace of the msg in 10 mins>
<geodata attached> >

Anna returned to old habits, ignoring the credstick that was supposed to change everything. She found an apartment and familiarized herself with the city and with other students about her age in the nearby university. Interestingly enough, she never formally registered, just bought a fake student card and attended parties and social gatherings. With only a rudimentary German, that offered an environment where she did not feel so alone.

She gets up from the bed, late morning leaving her lover for that night vast asleep. "Does he live here now?" she thinks uncomfortably when she understands that it has been a few nights already. On the one side, she used to share a room, and on the other hand... it was her place. Having a native to translate for her was perhaps worth the trouble, she also needed the company and the sex was not bad.

Her eyes brightened when bnc finally made contact, she has not seen her from the flight. She knew they were not girlfriends... and Yet, she felt abandoned in a completely strange city with a completely alien culture.  She imagined that bnc would at least help her get started... but she was her own 'bnc'ish and just went to get herself augmented or whatever.  Anna copied the address with an actual pen and paper and replied >> Sure, when should I come?

She Cursed herself for being so easy, but bnc was way more exciting than her routine of physical exercise, library visits to study and parties. One thing she noticed, having the possibility to magically enhance herself made understanding German and befriending new people easier.


<@Anna<thanks for deling the msg u r welcum anytime i aint goin nowhere promise i luv my life :) >>

Anna read the message a few times, and then texted >> Sure, how about tonight? Got plans?

<@Anna <always do always the same ;-) just drop by u like wiz stuff dont u>>


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