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Do you want to play Shadowrun Missions from your home?

Now you can!

The Shadowcasters Network has been doing a Beta Test of their SRM Online Venue for the past few months and they are finally ready to open it up to the public!

What does this mean?
You can enjoy playing Shadowrun in a convention themed atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.
Only official Catalyst Demo Team Agents are your GM's.
Roll20 Custom Tables designed around each specific SR Mission (certain Chicago missions available now, and Neo-Tokyo are becoming available)
Private Discord Server channels for voice and text chat!
Play anywhere!

If your interested in playing the Official Shadowrun Missions head over to and sign up to play!

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Seriously though, we are trying to bring the feel of a convention Shadowrun Missions game to your home so that everyone can sit down and play. Stop by our discord server . I usually respond quickly when questions or comments that i can answer are posted. So if you have any, please stop by and ask! My discord username is Raven2049#3480

Aron the A.I.:
Hi, I'm new to shadowrun and I'm interested in learning about the online games

Out of curiosity, will this option become available in Fantasy Grounds as well?

Click the link   Sign up, make a character and play!  That easy.

Currently the Missions are using a combination of Roll20 and Discord.  They seem to be getting enough GMs for 4ish events a month, sometimes more.  Little slow right now, I'm guessing because of Con season and the events they've been doing around the 6th edition release. 

Raven is an excellent GM, much fun had by all the couple times I've been able to play.  Make a character, tell a friend to make a character, hop on in!

hi guys, thanks for the interest. Unfortunately there will be no support for fantasy grounds anytime soon as I am the only person making maps for roll20 right now.

it takes me awhile to respond here, but I am very active on the Discord server. Please contact me there or private message me here and I will get back to you quickly about any questions!


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