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Anatoly Trolling Thunder:
Zdravstvuyte All,

Our Shadowrun Missions team would like to know if we bring tokens to hand out to exceptional roleplayers and GMs, can they count as NERPs?

In the past, our team handed out hats and T-shirts at Gencon to the the players who we thought contributed the most to the roleplaying and fun at the table.  These items, all branded with the Trolling Thunder logo (A chummer has to get brand recognition where they can, right?), we tried to bring enough so we could give one out for each game our team played.

This season we've re-incarnated as the Sky Pirates of Piz'zazz, and want to hand out doubloons (challenge coins), eye patches, and cyber-pirate bandanas.  We're going to do this regardless, but we hope they'd be counted as NERPS.

Note:  Members of Trolling Thunder and The Pirates of Piz'zazz will give out these items, but never use them as NERPs themselves.


Season 5:  Anatoly, Bass Guitarist, Trolling Thunder
Season 6:  Lori, Pod Rigger for the Sky Pirates of Piz'zazz

Jayde Moon:
Can you provide us with some images?

I got a T shirt for GM-ing these guys through Do No Harm back in Season 7.  I can get you a picture. Was a pretty good story too.

It was a Sunday Morning slot at Gen Con after a pretty tough series of runs. I felt like hell waking up so early after a Shadowrun Scotch Squad meeting, and probably was gonna catch the crud if I didn't already. I sit down in the back of the room and take a look around. First thought was "A tailor made team all made of trolls, and this one other guy at the table who wasn't part of the group. He's gonna get stomped on. Hell the NPC's are likely to get stomped on...."

I couldn't have been more wrong. It was probably the best table I had run all convention, and it was the pick me up I needed after a rough few days of hard running. The sheer fun they had was contagious, in using everything they could think of, from the garbage can on the tour bus, to calling all their friends down to trash a restaurant. I still talk about that table to the guys apprehensive about sitting down with experienced groups.

As just a GM, I'd be okay with it counting as NERPS. For a more official answer, it'll have to come from the FAQ committee after the next meeting.

I'm sad I missed you guys at Origins. Tables just never aligned!

Captain Marge:
Cheers, bud! That was one of our favorite games as well!

As far as what we're planning on - We really enjoy doing handouts like the tour shirts and hats from Trolling Thunder, and are looking to continue the tradition with some pirate gear. Likely we'll do pirate bandannas with our Techno-Jolly-Rodger icon, and have been looking into doing up some doubloons to hand out to folks at the tables who we really enjoy playing with and would make good honorary sky pirates. Looking into 3D printing some masters and then doing some gold-tinted resin cast molds of them, maybe try and come up with a small treasure chest to hold them in - Pirates gotta have a treasure chest, right? We'll be handing them out nonetheless, but thought it could be fun to let players use the shadowrun-themed stuff as Nerps as well.

We're hoping that we may be able to sort out a time to do a Prime Runner mission in Neo-Tokyo with Trolling Thunder, being the events that take place with the band after their show at Club Forgotten, I've already got the logo and shirt back set up for the next batch of shirts - The "For Whom The Bell Trolls" farewell tour! Expect to see those as well as some Pirates of Piz'zazz loot at Origins next year!

Jayde Moon:
I'll look into it.

My gut feeling is that the items should have something on them that tie it 'officially' to SR, so that Agents that might not be familiar with your crew can easily see that it's SR related. (So like the SR logo, Missions logo, or even it says 'Shadowrun' on it)

If it's on a limited set of items being given away, I don't think Catalyst will take issue, but let me be certain.


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