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Group of spam-attempt accounts?

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Michael Chandra:
Spotted this group of 6 in the online list, their profiles appear to be spam.;u=140003;u=142535;u=142549;u=140096;u=140087;u=140098

Edit: Spotted more just now. So we have the following IDs, sorted by id, including previous ones:
- 140003
- 140087
- 140096
- 140098
- 142549
- 142535
- 142754
- 145083

And there's a whole bunch more, such as 140100, but that one wasn't online.

Looks like someone else wants to simulate the Neo-Tokyo spam zone...;u=149979

It is VERY frustrating  >:(

I've been banning and deleting spam accounts as they come in, and if there's more than one on an IP, I've been banning the IP (unless there's a valid account on the IP).

The only thing I think we can do to prevent spammers is turning on the Moderator Approval on new accounts. It would me we'd need to monitor the list as people register and verify them before allowing them to post.

And, the reason I delete the accounts is because (like in the case of ol' Herbert today), you can check off to delete all the posts with the account. Good ol' Herbert created 22 pages of posts before he was shut down.


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