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Looking for ideas: How to handle Car Rentals

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I wouldn't be surprised if all the vehicles have their usage tracked.

Even today, many commercial vehicles are GPS tracked and log everything from location, length of trip, speed reached, and even braking force applied!

By using a rental car, they could be leaving a 'smoking gun' in their wake!
(You KNOW the rental company is blaring away in the Matrix 'I'M A RENTAL! RENT ME FROM BOB'S RENTALS TODAY!!" Every second of usage. Not going to take the Cops long to come knocking, even if its just to get a statement.

Have the rental cars be like Johnny Cab from Total Recall.  It will only use the GridGuide.  And of course will have log of where it went, ability to be shut off or overrode without some hacking.  Probably really only useable by Shadow Runners looking to move equipment by van from one city to another without awkward questions being asked. 

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Still a current topic!  I hit this all the time when runners get sent to another sprawl.  They may or may not have managed to arrange for smugglers to deliver their favorite illegal toys that they couldn't take on a plane, but not so easy to get a whole vehicle dropped off in Denver (or wherever). 

I've done a lot of hand waving of Johnson provides a beater they can use while there, but that doesn't always make sense.


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