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Looking for ideas: How to handle Car Rentals

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I know Lifestyles of the Shadowy and Infamous has a lifestyle option regarding vehicle rentals for a transportation option as part of your monthly lifestyle costs.

Not too long ago, car rental megacorp Hertz found itself on the hook for $168 million to settle lawsuits… Because a “glitch” in their system resulted in several thousand people who had rented cars from Hertz were never recorded as having returned them. So Hertz would report them as stolen to the police, Hertz gave the police the GPS info from the cars’ satnav, and the police would then track down the “stolen” car.

In many cases, they found “stolen” car on Hertz’s own lots. Other times, the car had been rented out to some new customer who got arrested for “stealing” the car they’d rented from Hertz. Several times Hertz had sold the car to a new owner and the new owner of the vehicle got arrested for stealing a car they owned! A couple of those cars had been sold to the federal government for fleet use and one of those arrested was a NASA astronaut!

Now, take how careless and thoughtless the giant bureaucracy of Hertz was in this case. Magnify it to the level of a Shadowrun megacorp.

Sure, you’re 500+ Karma Prime Runners are doing fine now, but remember fourteen months ago when they were a bunch of 4 Karma gutterpunks with one Ares Alpha to share amongst them and they had to rent a Ford Americar to get to the job out in Bellevue?

Well, Ares Rent-A-Ride remembers them.


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