Ruling Suggestion: Otaku to Technomancer + Busted Cyberware

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So, the current FAQ says:

"Otaku to Technomancer (Data Trails, pg. 45): Otaku first came to light when it was discovered they could interface with the matrix with only an ASIST converter and a datajack (Matrix, pg. 137). I know Iím referencing an SR3 sourcebook, but thatís where you will find some background information on Otaku. Therefore, in order to take this quality, the character must also install a datajack."

So now that The Seattle Gambit is allowed for missions play, I think it would be far to allow the player to select the Busted Cyberware Negative Quality as an alternative to installing a datajack and say that his datajack was busted at some point.

I am not talking about House Ruling it on my game or whatever, my player gave up the Otaku to Technomancer quality as soon as he knew he had to lose essence to have it.

This is a suggestion of mine to the FAQ, in case some other player in some other table come up with the idea.

Thank y'all.