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Probably the second most powerful military in Africa(behind Azania) and its only communist country.

Angola is a stable communist country with a powerful military but economically besieged by the Corps(I suspect Aztechnology). Probalby allied with Amazonia(against Aztechnology and the Corps). Also Angola and Amazonia share a common language(portoguese). However the Angolan commies gov. is uneasy about Amazonian magical gov.(communism and magic don't mix).

While the Angolan army is larger and more unified than the Azanian army. The Azanian army has better tech gear, more professional and the Angolan army is stretched, with a significant garrison facing the Congo Tribal zones and south towards Azania.

With border clashes with Azania, I think a war is in the offing, maybe linking with the current war in Columbia between Amazonia and Aztlan.