Official MilSpecTech errata submission thread

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« on: <01-23-11/1633:27> »
Find errata in MilSpecTech? Submit it here! Remember that this thread should generally be discussion free--put suggested changes that need discussion before they can be submitted in the Errata Discussion sub-forum. Thanks!

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« Reply #1 on: <02-01-11/1746:30> »
Its nigh on imposable to tell if some items are ground or aircraft that needs clearing up. Again for clarity adding drone sizes would make seeing what's a drone or not easer. It lacks a compiled table list something that's ways handy and could be used as a quick way to fix the above items.

Some text blocks/images don't match the stats claiming more or less heavy guns or turrets when fixed. I'll try and compile a full list ASAP. Images I can understand but text seems bit jarring.

So far image wise:
pg 10 Lobo is clearly shown as armed despite not having a weapon as standard

pg 11 "HARPY SCOUT” Again is clearly shown as armed despite not having a weapon as standard

Text wise:
pg 11 "the Scout typically carries a heavy weapon load when performing
its standard mission..." the scout has no weapon mounts as standard despite it being claimed they are.

pg 16 "the Avenger II features multi-purpose hardpoints to allow the client a wide selection of stores, ranging from fully intelligent munitions to small cargo pods" Should perhaps have a token specialist equipment mod to represent this in the rules.

Not exactly printing errors but defiantly clarity errors. Maybe a discussion point but I'm not suggesting any rule changing rewording.

Printing errors:
pg 18 ARES HEAVY RAIL GUN goes "**" then "***" when reading down the page. No "*" is used so should go  "*" then "**" when reading down the page or an out of order "*" is missing.
pg 20 SAAB-SAAKER "*"s in the wrong order when reading down the page goes "**", "***" then "*"
pg 21 KRUPP PHOENIX MK VI * used in table but not reffranced in text below should likely be *vs. people/ vs. vehicles
pg 38 DASSAULT LANCIA "**" and "*" in wrong order when reading down the page.
pg 39 ESPRIT CAZADOR DEL CIELO "***" used when "**" should be used and the "***" and "*" in wrong order when reading down the page.

These are all the errors and murky areas I've seen so far with out cross checking rules and other vehicle listings.
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« Reply #2 on: <03-01-11/1502:08> »
Page 13 : "The last version, the Trache 6, proved to be one of the heroes of the Euro Wars and is still available through an Ares Arms refurbishment program."
"Trache" is not, as far as I can tell, a word that has a meaning in this context, while "tranche" is French military jargon, with the same use than "Block" in English. Check the intending meaning with the author.

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The prize must be wrong, 2.6 mill?