Earning Your Plot Points

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« on: <12-03-17/2057:22> »
I have started doing something in my two Anarchy campaigns that has been fun and a bit engaging for my players.

At the beginning of the game session, instead of starting with 3 Plot Points, the players start with zero. Then before proper play begins, they have to earn those Plot Points (up to 3) by doing one of the following:

- Listen to the damn recap/mission summary without freaking interrupting me. This might be particular to my groups, but... sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to read 4 sentences.

- Recount something cool or something of note that happened last time. This gets them thinking cinematically as soon as possible during the session.

- Tell me about something that happened "off-screen." This could be anything from what you did during downtime to what your contact is doing while you are on mission to even what the bad guys are doing to prepare their defense/offense against you. This just adds seeds for this session or for the next.

This works for before a Contract Brief or when you begin your session in the middle of one. What do you think?
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I thing all three points you mentionned are interesting, and worth doing.

I am not sure there is a need to link them to plot points, but I guess it depends on the group. If they need an incentive and plots points are working well then go for it!
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