Making a Masonic style group a interesting target for Shadowrunners

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I am planning on trying to start up a Shadowrun campaign soon, and one of the antagonist ideas I have for it is "The Brotherhood of The Sun." The Brotherhood is a Freemason-style secret society with lodges all over the globe and a central temple in London, England.

The Brotherhood itself claims to have traced its origins to Ancient Egypt itself, but most Sixth World scholars place their true date of origin to the Victorian Era. The group combines the rituals of freemasonry and the Oddfellows with the occult practices of the Rosicrucians. The group, like many other fraternal orders, has many rumors, mysteries, and conspiracy theories around them.

These theories range from the ridiculous, like a Dragon being the secret and ancient master of the group to the frightening possibility of them trying to gain seats in the economic and political powerhouses of the Sixth World, which gains more traction when one notices that the group has quite a few low-level executives in its ranks. There is also the fact that much of their inner workings remain secret, something the Brotherhood strives to keep, leading to rumors that the group kills any potential leakers before they can leak any sensitive secrets to the outside world.

Can I have help determining the motivations of this group and making them an interesting antagonist for Shadowrunners?


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They could have connections to the Black Lodge or Ordo Maximus, either directly or members of the latter secretly acting in The Brotherhood as a front. Or they could be secretly acting against one or both of those secret societies, with an agent of the Lodge or Ordo being the Johnson asking them to investigate The Brotherhood (which would put the Runners in an awkward spot, especially if it's the vampires that hired them).