VirtuaCon 17 Shadowrun Anarchy Events (Oct 6-8)

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Hi folks!

My Washington DC based group is putting on a couple of Shadowrun: Anarchy events for's VirtuaCon 17 this upcoming weekend (Oct 6-8). These are free, virtual sessions. Our sessions were posted a little bit late in the cycle, so we still have plenty of seats at the table and we'd love it if you could join us.
Our group, the DC Shadow Lobby, has been playing and building up the DeeCee area for over a year now and this is our first foray into creating public events for folks outside our little circle of friends. We decided to go with Shadowrun: Anarchy to appeal to people who have wanted to try Shadowrun or who want a quick fix of cyberpunk but doesn't have the time or the patience to invest into getting Fifth Edition for a one-off event.

Would love your feedback. We've had a lot of fun planning this and hope to do more things like this, though promotion has been a bit of a struggle. Please join us if you can!