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Way to Go JadeHellbringer


Usda Beph:
Found this on CBT forum in a users buisybar. I don't have sound at work but the vid reminds le of a Monty Python Cartoon.

BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! I forgot all about that!!!

I still love how that Loki turned out... I'd post my version here, but... well, wrong forum.

Ah hell...,53604.0.html

EDIT: Since you said you don't have sound, basically all you're missing is the old Benny Hill theme. Which makes the whole thing MUCH better ;)

Thats funny.

An what is it with Benny Hiil was running a raid last night in WoW and someone started talking about the shows music........Lately it seems like I can't get away from Benny Hill.


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