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New SR GM running CMP 2013-01 through 2013-04


  Hello everyone. I am a recent addition to the CDT and I get to run CMPs 2013-01 through 2013-04. I was pre-reading the modules and I noticed in 2013-04 some of the Legends are on sccene to help with the final fight.
  My main question is Where can I find their stats? Or am I just supposed to Cinematic it?
  Also, Where can I find the Stats for Paletooth's Light-Grey Dragon Form?

I was able to find stats for Winterhawk and Bull in the Street Legends book (Are those the ones to use?)
I am still missing Kat o' Nine Tales' and Kane's stat blocks.

Thanks in advance,
Mark "Marloc Favirzal" Garstka

I'd suggest going with the cinematic approach.  The final fight is massively complex.  Rolling all those dice would take you way beyond your four-hour slot.  Paletooth (iirc) is a standard western dragon.


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