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Is this line still being supported?

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Black Mamba:
I know I'm not the only person having difficulties obtaining a copy through my FLGS. I can get it online, but prefer to support local merchants. Their primary distributor is Southern Hobby and they've been out-of-stock for more than two months.

I'm working with my FLGS to run demos of Shadowrun products, but it's kind of a moot point if we can't obtain copies for the store to sell. Are we simply waiting on another production run or is the line dead?

The Tekwych:
I'm pretty sure that Southern Hobby has to purchase CGL product from Alliance, the primary distributer of CG.  Alliance will, in most cases, supply their own retail clients before releasing product to another distributer. Your FLGS may find that stock is available from Alliance directly. One of the biggest problems, IMO, for the FLGS these days is the distribution model. There are about 11 distributers of gaming product just in the USA including Games Workshop which is their own distributer. Some companies will make a single distributer exclusive for their product while companies like FFG will accept direct orders and cut out the distributer all together. The FLGS needs to decide how many different orders they want to manage in a week or month and what kind of payment deals those companies will offer.

They might get Net 15 from one distributer for weekly shipments but Net 30 from another for bi-weekly, then Games Workshop requires COD while FFG wants Net 60. All this on top of managing the pre-orders and requests of customers, OP, events, and every thing else.

AFAIK, the game is still being supported...Character Expansion Pack 2 only hit stores in the past month or two and I believe the "Corporate Raid Expansion" is still in process. All of the products are available online, so suspect the issue is more with the distributor, as TT suggested.

Black Mamba:
Thanks, folks. I'll let my FLGS know they need to expand their distributors list.

Quick note to follow up on this...I did get confirmation from Jason that they are working on a new expansion...I'll be posting a few more details over the weekend (along with other release/update info).


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